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Our Mission is for each child in Creative Corners Preschool to reach their full potential in academics & encourage good character while providing a loving Christian environment. 

About Creative Corners Preschool

Creative Corners Preschool, established in 1972, has been a cornerstone of early education in League City for over 50 years, consistently delivering exceptional programs for preschoolers and toddlers. Our school caters to children aged 18 months through 5 years, offering a curriculum that is research-based and approved for Early Childhood by the Texas Education Agency. Developed in collaboration with CLI Engage and the UT Health Science Center, our curriculum employs manipulatives to foster a robust academic foundation aligned with the state of Texas’ pre-Kindergarten guidelines.

At Creative Corners Preschool, we prioritize the development of social skills and an understanding of routines within nurturing settings. Our dedicated teachers are highly qualified and extensively trained in the field of early childhood education. Each teacher undergoes a thorough screening process, including a criminal history check and FBI fingerprinting. Furthermore, they are CPR certified, First Aid trained, and commit to completing 24 hours of continuing education annually.

Creative Corners Preschool overarching goal is to empower each child with a solid academic foundation while promoting Christian character and values. Choose Creative Corners Preschool for an enriching educational journey that spans over five decades of excellence.

18 Months to 2 Year Old Program:

Explore a world of early childhood education at our school, where our dedicated educators employ the latest Infant & Toddler curriculum from UTHealth Science & CLI Engagement. 

This lays the foundation for a smooth journey into elementary school. 

Our focus is on nurturing the holistic development of children, encompassing social, emotional, physical, and academic skills tailored to their specific age and stage of growth.

In addition to a well-rounded educational experience, each week, the children also engage in vibrant art and music classes. We are committed to preparing this group for the PK-3 program in the upcoming year.

Our teachers actively support the potty training process, aligning with the practices implemented at home, to ensure consistency and success in this important developmental milestone.

18 Months- Kindergarten

  • Small Class Sizes
  • Lower Teacher To Student Ratio
  • Christian Based with Chapel Weekly
  • Daily Art & Music
  • CIRCLE Curriculum Approved By The State Of Texas

Why Kindergarten at Creative Corners Preschool?

1. Professional and Texas Certified Teachers

2. Small Class Size on a Small Campus

Creative Corners Kindergarten class has a maximum 1:12 teacher to student ratio, half of the class size of public-school systems. Research shows smaller class size results in better individual attention given to the student, and increased participation in classes with less disciplinary issues.

In a small class the teacher is able to focus on more instruction in less time during the school day. We also see better communication with parents of children in a smaller setting. Children on a small campus are known by every adult and don’t get lost in the shuffle of a large campus.

3. Chapel/Bible Lessons Weekly

A weekly chapel with bible stories and music taught by LCUMC’s children’s director, are incorporated into lessons each week.  Christian education is a plus for building a strong Christian foundation in young minds.

4. Feeling of Community

Children who have attended Creative Corners for several years have a feeling of being home and belonging to a community.  They will go to school with children who are familiar faces and helps them to feel safe and secure while at school.

5. Reputation & Parent Feedback

Creative Corners has an excellent reputation in preparing children for their transition to first grade. When students graduate and move on, they leave with an early love of learning. These children are ready to begin their elementary career with a solid base of reading, writing and math.

As one Kindergarten parent said that his child has been so successful at Creative Corners, “if you had all the elementary grade levels we would not be going anywhere.”

Our Teacher incorporates a balance of teacher-directed and center-based classroom. Centers are broken up into sections, such as home, science area, computer station, reading nook, play-doh, blocks and games. Children begin their day with a morning prayer and gather for opening circle where they explore daily lessons. Our Teacher encourages play, facilitating social skills along the way.

Creative Corners Preschool Kids Camp is about having fun through lots of play!

Each summer our Kids Camp at Creative Corners is about having fun through lots of play inside & outside, crafts, hearing bible stories, having brief story/reading time, silly songs and music each day. 

We are open for 2-6 year old children. 

Creative Corners Preschool Kids Camp offers:

  • Inside & Outside Play
  • Crafts
  • Hearing Bible Stories
  • Story/Reading Time
  • Silly Songs and Music 

Two sessions:

  • June 11-27
  • July 9-25

Tuesday-Thursday 9 AM – 2 PM
Drop off will begin at 8:45am.

Creative Corners Preschool offers:

  • Spring Camp
  • Summer Camp
  • Fall Camp
  • Winter Camp
Children posing in different ways with books in hand against a yellow wall.
Children in group on classroom floor at Creative Corners Preschool.
View of a classroom at Creative Corners Preschool.
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