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Throw, Catch, Hit and Run Bases with Lil Sluggers

Lil Sluggers is a curriculum-based child development program created to introduce children to the game of baseball. Lil Sluggers teaches your child the proper way to throwcatchhit and run bases in a fun, exciting and positive environment.

Coto Sports was formed as a sports ministry to reach and affect children’s lives through sports and fitness. We believe in “Play with Purpose” that provides a meaningful experience and environment for children to grow emotionally, socially, physically, cognitively and within the respective sport.

Coto Sports provides child development classes for thousands of kids in Greater Houston area. Our age specific professionally designed curriculum is designed for toddlers, pre-school and school aged children. We use baseball and youth fitness as the vehicle to provide an active learning environment. Think of our program as physical education classes for young children.

Teaching Life Skills Through Sports

The Coto Sports Family works side by side with your child to provide them with a playful & encouraging learning environment. Throughout the time your player uses sports as a means for purposeful personal development, they will be building from the foundation of knowledge they gained by participating in our Coto Sports Stars Multi Sport classes or our signature Lil’Sluggers baseball classes. Which means that even if your child trains with us in baseball and multi-sport, they will experience the same coaching philosophy in all of our programs, at all of our locations.

Designed to use active, age appropriate games that incorporate physical fitness, which will enhance the child’s overall motor skills in the following areas.

  • Hand-eye and Foot Coordination

  • Physical Fitness

  • Athletic Skills

  • Youth Fitness Concepts

  • Social Skills

  • Agility, Coordination, and Balance

  • Baseball Concepts

  • Fun, Fun, and more Fun!

Advanced Classes are for kids ages 6 thru 8, that have completed several Lil Sluggers Classes, Coach-Pitch Instructional Program, or have played organized tee ball or little league.  Real baseballs, bats and gloves are used.  Classes are designed to build and reinforce fundamental baseball muscle memory, with the goal of translating practice skills to game.

School & Day Care Enrichment

Summer Onsite Field Trips

Let our coaches bring a day of activities specialized and tailor for your campus and students this summer. Give your students and teachers an interactive and fun onsite field trip day with Ball Multi Sport Program.

BallSchool is a multi-sport program that helps kids develop athletic skills that will help them in any sport. It will help them in any sport. It will also them to learn to love all sports through a deeper understanding of the games. It is curriculum based age appropriate program of games and activities that prioritize fun and learning for Ages 2-12 years old!

Birthday Parties

Now Offering Mobile Parties

Coto Sports parties take birthday parties to the next level! Our trained hosts lead fun, energetic activities for your child’s event. Activities that encourage group interaction and group play that give all the kids an enjoyable, shared experience! All parties last for 2 hours and consist of 45 minutes of “structured” play, 45 minutes of “unstructured” celebration time (bounce houses and free play) and 30 minutes of party room time.

Locations In:
Bellaire • Cypress • Brenham • Heights • NW Houston

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