Special Sections and Listings

Early Enrollment Guide: January through February

Most private schools look to early spring to enroll children for the fall. For them, the months of January and February are key advertising months. But then there’s the fact that many of these same schools have summer programs that they also need to market in these same months… We have a solution. Advertise in The KD’s Early Enrollment Guide section. It’s a bit of a win-win situation: Increase fall and summer enrollment in one fell swoop. We encourage all private schools looking to increase their summer and fall enrollment to give us a call.

Spring & Summer Activity Guide: January through May

Every year for the past 20 years or so, The Kid’s Directory (the KD) has had the special section entitled the Spring and Summer Activity Guide. It has become the most sought after reference source for Mom’s and families planning their spring and summer activities. Just ask any of the thousands of advertisers who have been part of this special section in the past. For virtually all of them, it has been their most reliable and successful advertising choice to promote their camp, summer program, after school activity, and on and on. As always, this section will run from January through June and it will continue to be an excellent platform for any business that is looking to expand its activity during this most active of times. Call us for details.

Last Blast of Summer Guide: June through July

Anyone who has last minute camp vacancies, trip ideas or special sales, we’d love to help bump up your sales. Moms who thought they had the summer planned but have ended up with some scheduling holes and bored children will appreciate the help!

Back to School Guide: August through September

The KD’s Back to School Guide is the longest running and most successful guide of its type in the Greater Houston Area and has become a perennial favorite with parents and educators alike. All the resources necessary to fill any families back to school needs are available in this comprehensive special section which focuses primarily on enrichment programs and schools but also provides information on after school programs of all types, fundraising activities, tutoring and everything in between. If your business counts on this time of year for a boost this is the spot for you!

Field Trip Guide: August through September

In August of 2005 The Kid’s Directory (The KD) started running a special section entitled the Field Trip Guide. This section was created in response to the many requests we received from administrators and teachers. They were looking for a single source to use while planning events and field trips for the year. Well, it’s worked beautifully. To augment the effectiveness of this section, we now hand address and hand deliver a Kid’s Directory to every school administrator within our distribution area every September. So now each advertiser is put directly into the hands of the school’s decision maker(s).

Spooktacular Fun Guide: October

Are you featuring any Halloween or Fall Festivities in October such as; haunted houses, costumesales,pumpkin patches, hayrides, mazes, or any other Halloween or Fall festivities? If you answered “YES” to any of the above, then the SPOOKTACULAR FUN GUIDE is for you!

Holiday Gift & Activity Guide: November through December

It’s not just for retail anymore! Our annual Holiday Gift & Activity Guide has grown into one of the preeminent resource guides available in the marketplace today. Sure, if you are a toy store or a boutique there is no better place to promote your store but in today’s environment with such a large focus on education and physical enhancement many parents and grandparents are opting for different types of gifts such as music, dance, academic tutoring, gymnastics and myriad of other enrichment programs.

Special Listings

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Kamp Kids

January – July

A special place for your camp or summer program.

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After School Gang

August – September

Keeping your kids busy after school.

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Spooktacular Falltastic Festivities


Family fun during the fall season.

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Elf’s Short List

November – December

Great family gift and activity ideas.




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