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Best Overnight Camps in Houston: 2022 Guide

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Up till now, some parents are still adverse to the idea of summer camps for their children. If you’re one of those parents, we want to assure you that day and overnight camps in Houston have much more benefits than you can ever imagine. Here, we’ll brief you on some of them before advising you on what to look for when searching for overnight camps in Houston.

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Advantages of Overnight Summer Camps for Youths

  1. Kids learn how to bear responsibilities – There are a lot of fun activities in camps that enable children to work as a team. And as you may expect, every team will have a leader. Those that are lucky enough to lead their teams will learn how to lead and respond to responsibilities.
  2. They sometimes discover their love for certain activities – While in camp, children get introduced to a lot of sporting and other fun activities. And some of these children may end up making a career out of the activities.
  3. It promotes independence – At home, you or your spouse get to do a lot of things for your kids. Of course, it’s fine. After all, that’s the joy of being a parent. But when they get to camp, they’ll learn to do a lot of things for themselves without any assistance from daddy or mommy.
  4. It nurtures friendship – Your kids will definitely get to meet new children each time they participate in any summer camps. Some of these friends grow with them.

These are just a few of the benefits of attending day and overnight camps in Houston. By now, you should be having a second thought about your reservation against summer camps. Now that you’ve changed your mind, here are the qualities to look for in the day and overnight camps in Houston.

What To Look For in Camps

Consider the Activities for the Camp

Actually, the quality of the camp is determined by its lined-up activities. Will your teenage children love the program? Do you like the program as well? Most importantly, will the participants learn any meaningful skills or acquire new knowledge from the program? If the answers to the questions are yes, that particular program may be a good fit for your kids.

Think of the location and place

The location of the summer camp also matters. Is it close to a river or lake? Or is it a countryside camp? How far is it from your home? If it’s in another city, can your children travel far on their own? You don’t really have to leave the city since there are many great camps in Houston. And your children will like many of them.

What caliber of instructors will handle the camp?

You may want to know the qualifications of the instructors that will be hired for the camps. Are they experienced in working with kids or teenagers? How many skills do they have in the activities they plan to teach? These are vital questions whose answers will help you determine if the camp will be worth your children’s time. You don’t want them to come back home without learning something new. If the answers of the organizers or advisors are not convincing, you can choose another camp.

Compare the cost to your budget

No matter how great a summer camp sounds, there’s not much you can do if the cost is higher than your budget. And if it’s your teenage children’s idea, take the time to explain to them that daddy and/or mommy cannot afford the camp. Try to search for a close alternative with lower costs.

Verify their claims

Sometimes, the organizers and advisors of a summer camp promise heaven and earth in their bid to attract kids. And it sometimes turns out to be a mere marketing trick. So, when they list several expected results, you can find a way to reach out to children that attended that particular camp last year or talk to their parents. You want to know if the previous attendees got the advertised results.


When you apply the tips discussed above, you’re much more likely to end up with the best overnight camps in Houston. The bottom line is, don’t just pick any summer camp at random for your children. Contact us for the best summer sports camps in Houston, and kids camps in Houston.

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