Advertising Specifications

Print Specifications

Producing Your Ad

  • Dimensions – See the ad dimensions chart for live image area.
  • File Formats – EPS, TIF, JPG and PDF files.
  • Crop Marks/Bleed – No crop marks or bleeds. Please build your ad exactly to our dimensions.
  • Image Resolution – 300 dpi at 100%.
  • Colors – On full-color ads, use process CMYK (not RGB , spot or index color). Black and White ads should use pure black and images should be converted to Grayscale. Spot color ads should only be built through Adobe Illustrator in CMYK mode and spot color areas should be represented using 100% CYAN.

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Submitting Your Ad

Please submit your ad using the form below. Files may be up to 64MB.

If you encounter problems with the form, or your file is too large, please contact your Kid’s Directory Representative for e-mail information at 713-663-7555.

No matter what format your ad is in, it should be accompanied by all source files, including the final layout file, images, logos and Macintosh screen and printer fonts. Fonts used in placed EPS files must be included as well if you have not converted them to outlines. Even if you are sending a final PDF, EPS or TIFF file, you should include source files with your submission in case an element needs to be altered.



Advertising materials are due to the production department by the 12th of the month preceding the issue date. When due date falls on a non-business day, electronic files are due the preceding business day. If you have any questions, please contact your Kid’s Directory Representative at (713) 663-7555.

Short Take & Double Stack Ads

Your ad will appear in conjuction with several other Short Takes and Double Stack ads on a special page titled “Short Takes”.

Additional charges may apply for Ad Development, Ad Changes, Ad Archives

A six month commitment is required.

Short Take Ads

Size: 2.111″ X .8097″
OptionsBlack and White, Spot Color, Full Color

Double Stack Ads

Size: 2.111″ X 1.62″
OptionsBlack and White, Spot Color, Full Color

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Online Advertising

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Each one of our publications is available on our website & virtually all of our advertisers have established a seamless link between The KD online & their website to facilitate the flow of information and to support sales!

Digital Monthly Ad Rates

Please contact a sales representative for sizing, pricing and availability of any of our online web ad advertising!

Digital Ad Details

  • Advert 350 – Includes: logo, contact info, up to 350 words and up to 3 images.
  • Advert 250 – Includes: logo, contact info, up to 250 words and up to 2 images.
  • Advert 65 – Includes: logo, contact info, up to 65 words.

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