Awesome Fun Things To Do In Houston With Kids

By: Barrett White

feeding the giraffes at the zoo

Are you planning a trip to Houston with the kids soon? If yes, then this article is the solution to the most important question there is. How do you make this a fun trip for the kids? Houston is a large city in Texas and an incredible holiday destination for kids. There are unique and mind-blowing places in Houston that are worth visiting.

So let’s dive into all the fun things you can do in Houston with kids!

Plan a day out to The Houston Zoo

If you’re in Houston with kids, you need to visit the Houston Zoo. Situated within Hermann Park in Houston, Texas, The Houston Zoo is a 55-acre zoological park and a home to over 6,000 animals. It experiences a large crowd with approximately 2.1 million visitors yearly.

The Houston Zoo Officials believe that it is a place that connects humans with animals inspiring them to save the wildlife. You kids will have a fun time spotting different animals and observing nature. It is also an opportunity for your kids to learn about all animals and birds and connect with them. 

Visit The Children’s Museum in Houston

Situated in the Museum District of Houston, The Children’s Museum is an excellent combination of learning and having fun for kids. It aims to transform the lives of the children through an innovative learning experience and bilingual exhibits.  

An eco station helps children explore the native plant garden, pond habitat, and woodland area. The Museum has an Invention Convention center that organizes workshops for children interested in gadgets and scientific inventions. It also has an area called the PowerPlay that helps children develop physically. 

Explore The Downtown Aquarium in Houston

The Downtown Aquarium is an incredible six-acre of entertainment, fun, and dining area. You can encounter a 500,000-gallon aquarium that houses over 200 species of aquatic animals from all over the world. 

The Aquarium organizes marine hosts programs and workshops that help educate youngsters about the importance of aquatic animals. Every year it celebrates International Sawfish Day, which helps people understand the critically endangered species. It is a lovely place for kids to learn about aquatic animals. 

Enjoy at The Hurricane Harbour Splashtown

I bet the most enjoyable part of your trip will be the visit to The Hurricane Harbour Splashtown! Situated in the North of Houston, this spectacular waterpark offers breathtaking rides and other pulse-pounding activities that fascinate kids as well as adults. 

There are different activities of every age group, dining checkpoints, night shows, and other mind-blowing events happening around the place. The amusement park stands out among the rest due to its gigantic rides, especially the newly launched Wahoo Wave, a six-story tunnel slide. It follows a high-security protocol that ensures the safety of the children. Again, it is a perfect destination for your kids to enjoy their hearts out and make loads of memories. 

Fascinate yourself by visiting the Space Center in Houston

Take a journey to outer space at the Space Center in Houston, with over 400 artifacts, movies, pictures, and other activities. The Space Center has a large Starship Gallery that exhibits different spacecraft and national treasures. It is known as the home for NASA Mission Control, making it the best Space Center in the city. 

The tickets are pretty affordable and include all the activities at a fixed price. So, don’t forget to include The Space Center in Houston on your list to enjoy outer space and experience the best. 

Watch a show at the Outdoor Miller Theatre in Houston

You can take your kids to enjoy and run around at the Outdoor Miller Theatre in Houston, that too for absolutely free! The Outdoor Miller Theatre is an open space that experiences crowds gathered to watch the different shows, along with their families and friends. 

Your kids will enjoy running around, meeting new people, and the delicious food available at the stalls. You can hum to the music of the live shows, dance with your family, and have a great evening. 

Apart from this, there are many other places you can visit but make sure to have these on your list. Also, if you’re finding it hard to keep track of all the happenings in Houston, you need not worry anymore.

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