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1410 Brittmoore Road, Houston, TX 77043
Rehearsal Complex

Experience Customized Music Lessons With A Pro: For ALL AGES!

Let’s make something really great together!

My Teaching is Precise and Tested

Inspirational education 18 year strong. Driven by a dream I have for you! I have been on a personal mission for many years to explore the best information available. I have given my life to this and put aside many concerns that people have, to become the teacher I am today…a natural progression.

As a student in Hollywood, CA with the best teachers and performers in the world and hands on experience as a professional drummer for 30 years. I have learned to utilize the most effective learning techniques! With my program you’ll receive customized music lessons from a pro, constructed to deal with you and your moment. I make real musicians out of passionate fans of music! YOUR PERSONAL CUSTOM TAILORED LEARNING EXPERIENCE focuses on one instrument at a time or let’s build a plethora of interwoven skills!

Multi-Music Instrument Tutor

  • Expert Drum Set Lessons- My promise…You want to learn drums, I will take you there!
  • Pop and Rock Vocal Coaching
- Music Theory – Form, rhythm and harmony
  • Song Composition
  • “Campfire” Guitar Lessons
  • Private In Studio OR In-Home Lessons

Fully Equipped Recording Audio/Video Teaching Facility

  • Learn to record on state of the art music computers
  • Video and audio performance & production recordings: perfect for social media
  • Learn “YouTube” techniques. Wherever you are in your path of progress, make this your moment now!