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Creative expression, innovation, and collaborative problem solving!

The Academy for Arts & Education is the place for creative expression, innovation, and collaborative problem solving! Our goal is to ignite the passion for learning, performing, and creating. We believe in character development as well as academics performance- gaining more in-depth mastery of fewer content areas to create a balanced approach to students development. We fill in the gaps left by traditional education which in many cases only scratch the surface of most topics. Music and art give our students an opportunity to connect with themselves and others. Through them students can fully engage in the creation of pure beauty in the expression of who they really are. The classes rotate on a monthly basis, so always check to find classes you like.

We Partner With Schools, Churches And Local Venues To Deliver:

  • K-12 enrichment classes in math, reading, test prep and more.
  • Instruction in piano, voice & various other instruments
  • Drawing, sketching, painting, 3D projects
  • Golf for kids & Adults
  • Personal & professional development workshops, classes and seminars including:
    • Leadership for teens
    • Understanding financial statements
    • And more

Instruction In Piano, Voice & Various Other Instruments

Students learn music theory, how to read music, and play their favorite songs.

  • Private lessons
  • Semi-private lessons
  • Group Lessons

Youth Enrichment

  • Reading rodeo grades K-4
  • Math boot camp grades K-8
  • Test Prep & Strategies 1st-8
  • Public speaking K-12
  • Creative writing K-12
  • Smart goals for students
  • Strategic planning for success
  • Stocks and Bonds for students

Coming Soon!
Youth Summer Camps