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15950 Park Row Dr., Houston, TX 77084

A Structured, Well-Balanced and Progressive Bilingual Program at LIH



The Lycée International de Houston (LIH) offers a bilingual program that is structured, well-balanced and progressive. Combining the latest programs of the French Ministry of Education with the very best of American curricula, our establishment promotes bilingual education that is adapted to the needs, knowledge, and abilities of each student to help them develop to their full potential. Our students spend part of the day in French and part of the day in English. Spanish is compulsory from 4th grade, and other languages are offered such as Arabic, German, and Mandarin.

LIH welcomes children from La Crèche (starting at 18 months) through High School. Mentored and taught by qualified professionals, each student benefits from individualized teaching methods within small groups of no more than fifteen. We use differentiated teaching methods that are tried and tested. Our school encourages students to build their curiosity, creativity and independence.

Our core values are the following:

  • Excellence refers to our demanding, bilingual program and to our teachers who are all certified in their country of origin (the French Ministry of Education, American universities, etc.);
  • Rigor refers to both the French and American standards that define our curriculum;
  • Kindness is the foundation to our approach and our work with all students and their families.

LIH favors the use of the words “child” and “children” when referring to students. We consider each child as a whole human being with unique capacities and skills. It is only when a child is well, that the student within can fulfill their potential.


The Lycée International de Houston is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. Early drop-off, homework assistance, snacks, and lunch (exceptions: la Crèche and PK2) are included in tuition.