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Lower School: 2553 Cordes Drive

Upper School: 16035 Lexington Blvd

STEAM and Film Camps

We are super excited to announce our new Summer Camps here at Global Innovation School: STEAM and Film Camps.

The STEAM Camp will be held at our upper school building conveniently located at 10635 Lexington Avenue in Sugar Land, directly across the street from the First Colony Mall. Global Innovation School has partnered with Snapology, a national educational provider specializing in STEAM programs for K-12.

The Film Camp will be held at the world-renowned Village Studios located in what is known as “Hollywood South” in Louisiana. Students will be working directly with real films pros and on real movie and television sets. Students will learn everything from Pre to Post Production and leave with knowledge and a real portfolio of their work.

Encouraging children to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, action-takers, and global citizens is an important responsibility for parents. Many schools now teach from a STEAM focused curriculum and offer arts-related activities. The primary goal of these programs is to aid in the development of well-rounded children. However, the lessons students learn become even more powerful when they are intertwined and cohesively work together, proving the practicality of their knowledge.

Summer camp can provide an environment in which those lessons can go beyond the curriculum. Students can begin putting the real-world pieces together that they have learned throughout the school year and start applying those principles in a fun and engaging manner. A STEAM approach allows your child to explore different areas of study and provides them with an understanding of how each subject is connected. Here are five reasons why you should consider a STEAM focused summer camp for your child.