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The Kid's Directory is the most targeted and cost effective advertising vehicle for the Houston family market. We've learned that it doesn't matter how good your ad looks or how good the publication might appear, if the publication is not distributed effectively, it will not benefit your business.

To put it simply, our job at The Kid’s Directory is to locate and target your customers...so they know the who, what and where of your business. We call that process distribution, and we work harder at it than any other family oriented publication.

We hand deliver each Kid’s Directory ourselves to some 5,500 different points of distribution, leaving an average of 15-20 books at each location. We concentrate on quality distribution points — those places where moms and dads are found spending time, money and energy on their kids. In addition to our own delivery personnel, the distribution coordinator, the publisher, the sales and office manager, as well as the sales consultants participate in the distribution process. We all verify, add, and in some instances, delete locations in a constant effort to put our advertisers in front of their customers. After all, your customers are a moving target...our distribution system simply keeps up with them.

We have divided Houston into three separate markets: North, Central and West. Why? Again, for the benefit of our advertisers, most of whom are small business owners and operators. After all, there is no reason for an advertiser in Sugar Land to pay for distribution in The Woodlands unless he or she specifically wants to market to that area. So we give the business owners a choice of markets, thereby making their advertising more cost effective.

Every advertiser is also given a presence on our web site (www.kids-houston.com). We are currently getting about 30,000 hits a month on the site. That’s an additional distribution system we’ve developed and continue to refine for the benefit of our advertisers.


Medical Facilities

• Ob-Gyn Office • Hospital Birthing Kits
• Lamaze Classes • Pediatrician Offices
• Sports Medicine • Orthodontist Offices
• Family Physicians • Pediatric & Family Dentists
• Allergy Clinics • Family Counselors

...and any other Family-Related Medical Environment

Why?...As Mom or Dad sit and wait, they pick up The Kid’s Directory and read through it. When they
find something of interest, they keep it...as a matter of choice which is a darn sight better than dropping something through a mail slot. We take the steps to make sure that those who get The Kid’s Directory will use it..

Retail / Service Facilities

• Maternity Shops • Gap Kids / Kids' Clothing Stores
• Recreation & Entertainment Facilities • Gyms / Fitness Centers
• Michael's Craft Stores / Hobby Shops • Book Stores
• Nursery & Furniture Stores • Educational & Tutorial Services
• Kumon Learning Centers • Karate Studios & other sports activities
• Gymnastics / Gymboree • Swim Academies
• Dance Academies • and more!
• Toy Stores  

Why?...We get in front of parents who are already committing expendable income on special activities, products and programs for their kids. We target and prequalify your customers.

Schools & Miscellaneous Locations

• Public & Private Schools
• Daycares
• Corporate & Teacher Credit Unions
• Real Estate Relocation Offices
• Major Corporate Relocation Departments
• Subdivision Welcome Centers

....as well as many other miscellaneous distribution points.

Why? ...We are pursuing your market: families with kidsand schools. Not just those families already in Houston, but we are putting you in front of all those families moving to the Houston area as well.

Kid's Resort
I just wanted to tell you that we have already gotten calls for our summer program. I am so excited!! I have never had such a quick response from advertising. I just spoke with my office and they said we have already received 5 calls from interested parents. Thank you for helping me construct a great ad.

Cindy Gifford - Owner
      A Member of the KD family for over 3 months


RiverKids Pediatric Home Health Agency
We wanted to take a moment and thank you for creating a publication that families can turn to for finding resources. You are the bridge that helps connect families to businesses and businesses to families. After advertising with The Kid's Directory for a year, we have had a lot of success connecting with families that need our services. It goes to show that the combination of a quality publication like The Kid's Directory and consistency in advertising create a great ROI for companies. Your staff members have always been helpful and consistently follow up with us to ensure we are happy and we greatly appreciate those efforts. Thank you again for all that you do and being an awesome publication company!

Garrett W. - Communications Director
      A Member of the KD family for over 1 year


Camp Allen
We have advertised with The Kid's Directory since 1999 and found it to be one of the most effective forms of advertising that we do for our Summer Camp, sponsored programs, & Outdoor Education program.  They have one of the largest distribution areas of any publication we use and more importantly, they are everywhere our target market is located. We have grown our family programs to a point that we don't have to run ads for some of those events anymore due to repeat customers. These results allow us to focus our advertising dollars on newer, smaller programs that we normally would not be able to advertise. The personal customer service that we receive while creating our ads is a rare find in the fast-paced advertising industry.

Toni Christopher - Director of Marketing
      A Member of the KD family for over 17 years


The Branch School
The Branch School, located in west Houston, has advertised consistently with The Kid's Directory for many years. We have been pleased with the response from readers and the quality of friendly service from the KD staff. Prospective parents often discover The Branch School while in a waiting room reading The Kid's Directory. Distribution is abundant and you can easily spot the magazine at many Houston businesses and beyond. You can send information to The Kid's Directory for their events calendar and there is an online presence. Parents may first find us by the ad then go directly to our website which is of course what businesses and non-profits want.

      Lynne Rankin
      A Member of the KD family for over 20 years


Children Discovering Child Care Center / Santa Papa Roger
I have been in the Child Care business in the Greater Houston Area since 1983. As the center director of various locations one of my main responsibilities was advertising the centers that I directed. I began advertising with The Kid's Directory soon after it opened by Robert Spott and have been with them ever since.

In 1999 I opened my first center as the owner and director of Children Discovering Child Care Center in Richmond, Texas. Based on the positive response I'd had with Robert and his team throughout the years, I knew that The Kid's Directory was where I wanted to put my advertising dollars. As they grew so did my center.

The Kid's Directory team has assisted me over the years in making good advertising decisions. They have helped me during the times of economic downturn as well by tailoring my advertising to fit my changing budgetary demands.

At one point during our relationship, my enrollment was down, my expenses were up and funds were tight and I was stressed. With The Kid's Directory help, Santa Papa Roger was brought into existence.

My husband had been playing "Santa" with a fake beard for years at our center and churches and schools in the area. When he retired from the corporate world he grew a beard and let his white hair grow. With his round belly and pink cheeks he was a natural Santa.

The Kid's Directory encouraged us to market his skills to help increase our revenue during the slump. Santa Papa Roger has only advertised with The Kid's Directory. Our secondary business has snowballed into a thriving seasonal business. Our first year we made less than 20 visits between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Currently, we limit ourselves to 100 and book events a year in advance.

We strongly feel that one of the keys to our success is directly related to putting our trust and advertising dollars into the capable, dependable and trustworthy hands of The Kid's Directory Staff.

That advertising decision in 1999 coupled with hard work, great staff, and God's grace have made Children Discovering Child Care Center and our Santa Papa Roger stand the test of time.

Thank you Robert Spott and Leslie Crawford and the many others at The Kid's Directory that have stood with us for so many years. Let's grow old together providing what's good for Houston area children and their families.

      Kay Horgan Hardee - Owner
      A Member of the KD family for over 17 years


Bering Drive Christian School
We have tried several advertising avenues and found The Kid’s Directory to be the only one we ever need. We get the “Best bang for the Buck” with The Kid’s Directory.

      Joan Howard
      A Member of the KD family for over 17 years


Dinky Drum Company, LLC
Advertising with The Kid’s Directory keeps our phone ringing.

Phaedra Dinkins
      A Member of the KD family for over 11 years


School of the Woods
Our school is a longtime advertiser in The Kid’s Directory. It’s well-produced and widely read - and brings results.

      Eloise Rochelle
      A Member of the KD family for over 18 years


I wanted to express my sincere appreciation to The Kid's Directory for their wonderful advertising which contributed to the success of our Cougar STEM Camp, an educational and fun science and math program for middle school kids at the University of Houston. We had many parents who reached out to us because of our ad in the KD who very likely might not have known about our program otherwise. A huge thanks goes out to The Kid's Directory for their work in enhancing and bettering our community through our children.

      Perri Segura
      A Member of the KD family for over 1 year


Texas Snakes & More
The first place we, Texas Snakes & More, decided to advertise was The Kid's Directory. We decided on the North directory for six months to target The Woodlands area. This was 2003, the first week after copy went to print, we received a call, which turned into a sale. We found that our customers would pick up a Kid's Directory from just about anywhere, dentist office, schools, etc., to keep it. Many customers would see our ad and hold on to the KD to use it when their child's birthday was coming up. Our first year of doing parties, we did around 25 parties without the KD, our first year of advertising with the KD, we started doing 150 to 300 a year. After 10 years of advertising with KD, I can say our business grew exponentially from a part-time business to a full-time business. If you have a business geared towards children, this is the best place to put your money. Don't forget phones off in the doctor's office, so parents pick up a KD and look for your business.

      Clint "The Snake Man" Pustejovsky
      A Member of the KD family for over 9 years



Time for my family is precious, and The Kid’s Directory is a real partner. With two careers, we want to spend our free time with our child, not chasing down resources and referrals. The Kid’s Directory provides everything we need to know, from where to find quality furniture, to where to go for safe children’s activities, to fun ideas for parties. The best part is we know we are being referred by a trusted friend.
      - Tammy Arnold, Houston


When we moved to the Houston area four years ago I was expecting a child and we had no idea where to find a nanny. I picked up a copy of The Kid’s Directory at my doctor’s office and have been a loyal reader ever since. Morningside Nannies found us a wonderful nanny, our kids took swimming lessons at Fun in Swimming and I have used The Kid’s Directory as a resource for birthday parties, activities, summer camps and everything in between. My friends now call me for advice on things to do with their kids and I tell them to just look in The Kid’s Directory.

      - Allison Brooks, Sugar Land


Thank you so much for having such a well put together magazine for kids and parents. It is packed full of great party ideas, childcare facilities and everything that goes along with having kids. Most of my friends are starting to have children now and I like to make sure they know about the directory. The fact that it is FREE is an added bonus. Keep up the good work.

      - April White, Houston

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