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December 2017 E-Blast


time running outA word of caution:
Time is not always your friend!

We all know this but it does bear repeating. We are moments away from Christmas, seconds away from our deadline to what might be the most important issue(s) of the upcoming new year...which by the way, will descend upon us in a blink of an eye. So now is not the time to dawdle, or lollygag or procrastinate. It is time for all of us to get ourselves organized so that we can relax and enjoy Christmas. And The KD is here to help get you all set up for 2018.

To help our advertising family on their way to a way better 2018, we have time tested and proven special sections, special promotional programs and a wealth of festivals and events.

The January and February issues will feature the Early Enrollment Guide (EEG) and the Spring and Summer Activity Guide (SSAG) with a promotional page (Kamp Kids) thrown in for good measure in both our print and digital publications. Here's a brief description:

EEG bannerThe Early Enrollment Guide (EEG):
Collects some of the best of Houston's daycares and schools and presents them for parents to scrutinize with a visit and/or an online search. This special section is included in each of our printed and digital publications.

As an additional hand up, The KD will promote all of our advertiser’s 'Open Houses' on the home page of our website. We will also list those dates and times on our Calendar of events.

Who should advertise in the EEG?
  • All schools and daycares looking to increase their spring & fall enrollment
  • Enrichment programs of all kinds trying to add students now through and into the fall
  • Anyone seeking to strengthen their even if your school or enrichment program if full with a waiting list, your participation in the EEG will serve to underscore your commitment to excellence and keep your waiting lists humming.

SSAG bannerThe Spring and Summer Activity Guide (SSAG):
Running concurrently with the EEG is the SSAG. This spectacular special section has stood as the Houston gold standard for over 25 years now (as an aside, there is a core group of advertisers who have participated in this special section for that same amount of time). So what kinds of businesses participate? Well, it would be everyone who is marketing their spring and/or summer activities such as:

  • Day camps of all types
  • Summer resident camps (you folks really need to get going)
  • Sports clinics, art programs and activities of all sorts
  • Vacation bible schools
  • Spring break programs and activities
  • Vacation destinations

In short, any engaging kid and/or family friendly activity slatted for spring and summer.

funnel effectA word about the funnel effect:
At The KD we are fond of referring to the 'funnel effect'. Here is what we take it to mean: parents are just now starting to consider what they are going to do for the upcoming spring and summer...maybe not right now but certainly after they get through the Christmas Holidays. So the whole lot of them, in ever increasing numbers, will begin to gather around the lip of what we metaphorically describe as an extremely large funnel where they will pause to contemplate and weigh all their plans, obligations and bucket lists for the rapidly approaching season. Once they, family by family, decide on summer camps, that trip to the grandparents, the dream vacation or maybe the long overdue backyard project, they will join hands and jump off the lip of the funnel and slide down to that peaceful place at the bottom where they can relax, knowing that all things family are planned and set in least until the kids have to be back in school in the fall.

Remember what most families have come to know...that sooner is better than later and if you snooze you're likely to lose. Every month of hesitation just means that there will be fewer families available for your exciting news about your summer program. Case in point, I've had an advertiser (who has been with The KD for the better part of all of our 25 years) that announces her summer program in her February ad and within 48 hours, she has filled every summer slot she has in her enrollment roster. Should she decide to continue her ad after February (she always does), she does so to strengthen her brand as well as her fall programs and camps. SMART!

All of this is to encourage our family of customers to start early!!! Don't let all the other birds catch the worms!

kamp kids bannerOne more thing: Kamp Kids (KK)
And then there is the additional treat of a promotional program that we've had in place for the past 3 years called Kamp Kids. It runs in all of our publications from January through July. KK amounts to a listing on a special page that will include your contact information and a brief description of your offering. The Kamp Kid's page will be placed in every publication both printed and on line for a small nominal cost. The real purpose of the KK, as designed, is to economically expand your coverage and increase your budget flexibility. Say, you're running a gymnastic summer camp in the central KD and you'd like to extend your reach into Sugar Land and Katy. What to do? Well, you could run an ad in the Central and in the West publications or run a larger ad in the Central and expand your reach into the North and West through Kamp Kids. The possibilities and combos are endless. We'll help you sort it all out.

One final consideration:
At the first of the year, everything begins anew. Trees leaf out, flowers bloom, and festivals and events crop up like crazy...a veritable marketing bonanza. The KD will be sponsoring and/ or attending most every one of these. And so will each one of our advertisers. As an advertiser, you will find either your person and/or your ad at the below listed events in the upcoming months. Remember, that this is only a partial list. It will expand as we approach January and February.

cougar fun run

10th annual Campbell Elementary Fun Run
February 3, 2018

Expected participation of around 3,500 parents and kids.

houston children's festival

The McDonald’s Houston Children’s Festival Benefitting Child Advocates Inc.
April 7th and 8th , 2018
This is the big one...we call it the Big Kahuna. It is Houston's largest family event with in excess of 65,000 folks (young and old) expected. We've been sponsors and supporters since its inception in 1990. The event is not only a great family event but it also serves to support the noble work of Child Advocates.

nurture nature

The Nurture Nature Festival
April 14th, 2018

With an expected attendance of around 2,500, this is an event of exploration and wonder open to Houston families with no admission fee.

march of dimes

The March of Dimes / March for Babies
April 21st, 2018
Held in downtown Conroe, This Fort Bend annual event that typically draws crowds of around 10,000 folks.

conroe kidzfest

Conroe Kidsfest
April 28th, 2018
Some 15,000 family members are anticipated for this annual family event.

easter seals of greater houston

Easter Seals of Greater Houston
April 28th, 2018
Held at Houston’s City Zoo. This family walk anticipates crowds in excess of 5,000.

march of dimes

March of Dimes/ March for Babies
May 6th, 2018
Held at the University of Houston. They expect crowds in excess of 4,000.


Freebies neon sign
We appreciate you and your loyalty to The Kid's Directory, so we want to offer a small token of our appreciation by giving you the opportunity to enjoy a family-friendly event, making memories with the ones you love! If you're interested, let us know which event strikes your fancy and we will get you up to a 4 pack! Here's what we have now:

  • Improv Family Comedy and Magic Show: Check for performance dates.
  • Schlitterbahn: Galveston Summer Passes & New Braunfels Summer Passes.
  • Monster Jam: Monster Jam is a live motorsport event tour and television show. NRG Stadium January 27th & February 10th-11th, 2018.
  • SuperCross Live: The most competitive and highest-profile motorcycle racing championship in the world. NRG Stadium January 13, 2018.
  • Houston Auto Show: NRG Center January 24-28, 2018.
  • Sherwood Forest Faire: Weekends: March 3- April 22 & Friday March 16, 2018.
  • Fun City SK8: Family 4 pack includes admission & skate rentals.
  • Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo: Toyota Center March 18-11. 2018. We have limited tickets to this event.


I want to thank all of our readers and advertisers for their continued support. This upcoming year will mark our 28th year of continuous operation under the same ownership. We are all very proud of this. There are few other publications in the Houston area that can say the same and certainly no other family publications. We have succeeded because of the continued loyalty of our advertisers some of whom have been along for the ride from the very beginning. I extend my deepest gratitude to all of you and please do us the courtesy of letting us know how we might better serve you going forward.

~ The Kid's Directory Family
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