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December 2015 E-Blast


Just a thought...

Let's begin our year with the Early Enrollment Guide (EEG) and the Spring and Summer Activity Guide (SSAG).

Spring is the time of new beginnings...where little tykes and tulips grow, sprout up and then they go. We bring our children into the world so that they can leave us, don't we? Some of us will be looking for their first school or day care environment...their very first tentative steps away from home. Other elementary school bound kids are crafting moves towards self-realization and independence. Then there are the middle school kids who are starting to build a bridge into high school and then to the leap into full independence and college...children still.

The Kid's Directory and the Early Enrollment Guide collects some of the best of Houston's daycare and schools and presents them for parents to scrutinize in the 90,000+ publications we distribute each month all over the greater Houston area and in our digital online content with 30,000 plus views each month. We also offer a host of digital promotional support tools...all of this with the intent of directing curious parents to the websites of our advertisers where they can do further research. This special section runs only in the months of January and February.

Early Enrollment GuideWho should advertise in the EEG?

  • Schools and daycares looking to increase their fall enrollment.
  • Enrichment programs of all kinds trying to add students right now and continuing throughout the year.
  • Schools who want to support their 'brand'. Even if your school has an extensive waiting list, you still want to stand amongst good company and remind all of our readers of your schools continued excellence. This will keep your waiting list 'full'.
  • Schools with summer camps and the like who have learned to market 'summer for fall'. After all, it does stand to reason that if the kids are happy with their summer activities, why wouldn't they want to stick around for the next school year? This is a strategy that we at The KD believe in and promote.

Call us with your questions and we will get you all set up. Remember that deadline is typically right around the 12th of the month prior to the month of publication.

Spring and Summer Activity GuideAnd then there is the Spring and Summer Activity Guide (SSAG),
January through June

Running at the same time as the EEG is the Spring and Summer Activity Guide (SSAG). This spectacular special section has stood as the gold standard for over the past 20+ years. Within this section we feature everyone who is marketing their spring and summer activities. That would include--day camps of all types, sports clinics, art camps, vacation destinations, family activities, etc. In short, if you have an engaging activity that would benefit with a bump of customers in the next 6 months, then the SSAG is the place to be. Know too that your advertising in the SSAG will also be supported in our online publications and in a number of print and online promotional programs. Countless customers have long since decided that The KD is the only place that they will use to promote their spring and summer programs...and if you wonder about this, call us and we will give you a host of advertisers to call.

And here's a word of advice for those folks who depend on their spring and summer camps for a substantial portion of their annual income: Start Early!

At The KD we are fond of referring to the 'funnel effect'. Here it is: Parents are now starting to begin to consider just what the family is going to do for the upcoming spring and summer...that is after they get through the Christmas season. So come January, parents will all be gathered round the mouth of that funnel cogitating on all the options that lay out before them. As decisions are made, vacations decided, and camp programs and activities put on the calendar, parents leap into the funnel and slide down to the 'well, that's decided' place at the bottom. Come February, your potential customer base is diminished. So too for March and so on...until the funnel narrows to that tiny cylinder at the bottom...not a place you want to it? In short, your best shot at success is earlier rather than later. This honestly can't be stressed enough. In fact, we have one advertiser that runs their summer camp ad in January with a sign up date listed for early February. Mad Hatter Arts Camp typically has all 3 of their summer camps filled within a day...or two. In March, they run an ad in our publications thanking us for our help and encouraging other camp programs to start early...just like they always do.

Call us and we will help you get a good head start on one of the most important times of the year for your business.

Kamp KIdsThe New Kamp Kids

In November and December we introduced The Elf's Short List which sold out well before we went to press. Now we want to do the same sort of thing for all of you folks who are marketing to spring and summer activities. This is not a display ad where you have the space to show off who you are with graphics, maybe some photos and a bit of enticing copy. Rather, this will be a page in all of our publications where you, amongst others, will have a few lines to tell the readers what your program is all about and give them your website and a phone number for a reach-out. It does however, have two great advantages; your listing in Kamp Kids will be placed in all three KD publications coupled with a prominent position on our website at a price point that will be very easy to swallow. This promotional page offers a venue for our advertisers operating with a tight budget and it gives those with a display ad the ability to extend and expand their reach in print and online for just a few shekels. There is only one bit of bad news: Space is limited and placement will be on a first come first serve basis. Taking The Elf's Short List as an example, this promotional page should go quickly.

Call or email the office if you're interested and we will be happy to fill in all the details. Deadline for the January issue will be early due to the Christmas don't dawdle!

Here are a couple of events that we and our advertisers will be attending

The Baby and Kidz Expo will be held at Legends Sports Complex in the Woodlands. This is their second year in Houston. The KD will be there meeting and greeting parents and kids--entertaining all and will be handing out the North publication like crazy. They expect crowds of 5,000 plus families. Advertisers are welcome to join us at our booth; please call Sandy.

The Northwest Private School Preview will gather at the end of January. We have been sponsors and have attended this event for years now. A strong showing of good quality private schools within the territory of our north publication are always present along with a bunch of parents looking into various school programs. They expect in excess of 250 families to attend.

Advertisers in North take note.

And Now For The Freebies

These freebies are intended for our advertisers and those prospective advertiser's families and friends. And remember, they are given out on a first come first serve basis.

  • Dickens on the Strand: First weekend in December in Galveston. The annual holiday street festival, based on 19th-century Victorian London, features parades, non-stop entertainment on six stages, strolling carolers, roving musicians, bagpipers, jugglers and a host of other entertainers.
  • Moody Gardens: Festival Of Lights, Aquarium, and Rainforest tickets expire January 10, 2016. Tickets are for all 3 events and can only be used once.
  • Houston Symphony Family Series: A Lifelong Love of Music Begins On Saturday Mornings. The 4-concert Family Series offers a mix of fun, thematic orchestral music to engage and entertain young audiences. Each 50-minute concert is held at Jones Hall on Saturday mornings with two start times: 10:00 am or 11:30 am. Vouchers make it easy to customize your own package
  • 3 Haunts: Located just north of Conroe. Season pass to Christmas Haunts. Three attractions open weekends Dec. 18-19, 25-26 and Jan. 1-2.
  • Harlem Globetrotters: Exchange Passes for January 30, 2016 at 7pm at NRG Arena. The earlier you exchange your passes the better your seats.
  • Improv Family Comedy and Magic Show: Check website for performance dates.
  • Schlitterbahn: Galveston Indoor & Summer Passes & New Braunfels Summer Passes
  • Monster Jam: Monster Jam is a live motorsport event tour and television show. At NRG Stadium January 9th, 23rd and February 6th 2016.

I want to thank all of our readers and advertisers for their continued support. This upcoming year will mark our 26th year of continuous operation under the same ownership. We are all very proud of this. There are few other publications in the Houston area that can say the same and certainly no other family publications. We have succeeded because of the continued loyalty of our advertisers some of whom have been along for the ride from the very beginning. I extend my deepest gratitude to all of you and please do us the courtesy of letting us know how we might better serve you going forward.




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