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December 2011 E-Blast

It’s That Time of Year Again

At The Kid’s Directory we always have to look a few months ahead to make sure our advertisers get the most from their advertising dollars. While you may be thinking Winter Holidays, we are planning for the upcoming Spring and beyond. We start the year off with a Two-fer.

First, The Early Enrollment Guide (EEG)5

Most private schools look to early spring to enroll children for the spring & upcoming fall. For them, the months of January and February are key advertising months. Many schools also have summer programs with vacancies they are looking to fill. We have the solution; The KD’s Early School Enrollment Guide special section is located in all 3 of our publications. All of our schools and many of our enrichment programs look to this section to increase their presence in The Kid’s Directory.

As an added bonus, we will have the Early Enrollment section on our web site from January through February ( All advertisers will be represented in this special section. And if your school is planning to schedule an open house, we can help promote that as well. Our website (that gets in excess of 30,000 click throughs a month) now has an Open House Link on our home page which sends the viewer to a listing of all of our schools scheduled open houses.

Secondly, The Spring and Summer Activity Guide3

Even though we are just entering winter, Moms are beginning to plan their family’s spring and summer activities. And as we have for the past 20 years, The Kid’s Directory offers up the perfect tool: The Spring and Summer Activity Guide. Running from January through June each year, the SSAG has become the gold standard in the Houston community. It is the go-to place for moms on the go for Spring, Spring Break and Summer Activities of all sorts which might include mini camps, family outings, resident camp programs, special sports programs, vacation planning, enrichment activities of every flavor, and so much more. Resident camp programs typically start their marketing in January where day programs 1generally look to start their marketing push in February or March. Irrespective, the definitive place to be is The Kid’s Directory.

As with the EEG, we will also promote all the SSAG programs online as well as in each publication. In addition to your ad, The Kid’s Directory will have another ad in each of the 100,000 plus publications that lists every camp program. It’s part of our Kamp Kids Program. Online, we will provide a link to our Kamp Kids page that will again list your program along with a quick description. The really good news is that all this additional promotion is free! If you are involved with any program that looks to occupy our children this summer, then you ought to make a beeline to the KD.

There is more good news coming down the pike, but we’ll wait to tell you about that until next time. Give us a call if you have any questions.


Leslie Crawford, Richard Skinner and Robert Spott






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