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October-November 2014 E-Blast

thank you note

The Time of the Year to Offer Up Thanks
So here we are again, at the close of yet another year. Cooler weather is just around the corner. A little bit of fall color will dot our Houston landscape soon. And Houston continues to shine as an economic 'sweet spot' in America, indeed, it shines bright in a world of economies as well. Then there is Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year--all of which are approaching rapidly on the horizon. Busy...Busy...Busy are we!!

Speaking of Busy...Think Opportunity...
Think The Kid's Directory

So with the upcoming Holiday season, parents are going to be increasingly busy with all the shopping, the parties, Halloween costumes, family gatherings and the like. And our kids are going to be out of school with not an awful lot to do. The Kid's Directory is the go to place for parents to find holiday camps, activity programs for their idle children, parent night out programs (so that you can go to Robinson's dinner party) and drop-in facilities to occupy the kiddos as Santa does his or her shopping. The KD can help you folks who are in the business of helping the parents of our precious kids! We even have a special section devoted to putting families and business' together in the months of November and December. It's called The HOLIDAY GIFT and ACTIVITY GUIDE.hgag logo

The special section is also a great opportunity for all those business' selling into the Christmas Season. Retail establishments are an obvious choice but so are most of our enrichment programs that should consider offering their gift certificates as stocking stuffers during the holiday. Dance classes, tennis lessons, maybe piano training etc...anyone? The KD will give all you folks your own special section in our publications along with promotional programs up on our website.


The KD is Also a Busy Little Bee
We have two good sized events scheduled for November:
The Woodlands Children's Festival (WCF) and Toy Party USA
The biggie of the two is the WCF. Now in it's 19th year, this
is the premium event for the greater north Houston area. Attendance is expected to be between 8,000 and 10,000
with tremendous demographics. The KD is looking to our advertisers to come help us at our booth area, managing
various interactive activities and handing out our 'goodie bags'
with The Kid's Directories and advertiser's promotional
material inside. Here's the link to our sign-up sheet
( And if you aren't yet an advertiser, this event along with the Toy Party USA should incentivize you.

And Just to Make Y'all a Bit More Busy, the KD Has
Some Wonderful Free Tickets Available

We have a few passes to Disney on Ice (Nov. 12th-16th)...but just a few. The Texas Renaissance Festival (Oct. 11th-Nov. 30th). This is great family fun...however the tickets are restricted to specific Sunday attendance only. Dickens on the of my most favorite family events transforms Galveston into merry ole England during the Elizabethan era. Fun...really fun. Then there is the Nutcracker Market (Nov. 13th-16th) at the NRG Center. A great event with fantastic Christmas notions. And finally, we have a good number of Schlitterbahn Indoor tickets for their Galveston facility. We will have those tickets soon...Oh, and there is one more event on the way...Festival of Lights that Moody Gardens hosts every year from Thanksgiving thru Christmas.

Remember, these freebies are primarily intended for our advertisers and those who are just on the edge of advertising...wavering...just there at the precipice. Too, remember that these tickets have to be spread pretty thinly. It's first come, first give us a call and we will do our best to make you happy.

As always, I thank you for your continued patronage and good thoughts. Each of you are very much appreciated by all of us at the KD!



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