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October 2013 E-Blast

The Elf's Short List for Liam and Emmaelf
(the most popular names for boys and girls in 2012)

This is a promotional notion that we've just come up with for our advertisers to increase their holiday sales activities. We will debut it in the November issue of The Kid's Directory as part of our Holiday Gift and Activity Guide. Details are included later in this newsletter under the heading of special sections.

Dessert First

This month and into November, The Kid's Directory is loaded with a venerable cornucopia of free tickets and passes. Typically, we offer first dibs for these treats to our existing customers and all those coming on board...and we put these treats at the end of our little email blasts. But being that we are now almost in the Holiday Season and because we have so many, I thought we'd try and grab your attention at the front end and hope you would read the rest. Remember, Santa is watching. Here is what we have:

The Renaissance Festival: October 12 - Dec 1.  Y'all know about this don't you? A grand and ambitious family event  that's been around forever. Tickets are for Sundays only. For more information visit
Dickens on the Strand: December 6 - 8.  This is one of my most favorite ways to spend a holiday weekend with the kiddos.  It's a Victorian Holiday Festival replete with jugglers, sword swallowers, bagpipes, wandering minstrels, great food and crafts. All the participants will be in period costumes so it's sort of like a fun trip in a time machine. And then there is the city of Galveston and the beach if you tire of all the festivities.
The Improv Theatre. Fun family comedy and magic shows. They have alternate Saturday shows.
The Nutcracker Market: November 7 - 10.  It is billed as a Holiday Shopping Wonderland...and it is. A wonderful array of holiday items, specialty gifts, artisans, and clothing. At the Reliant Center.
Schlitterbahn's indoor season: October 12 - January 5.  Galveston's heated indoor water park.

clownYou Bet Your Sweet Bippy
(Thanks 'Laugh In')

Bippy the Clown has been with The Kid's Directory for over 7 years now (on and off). She called the other day to tell us that she wanted to come back into the central book. Turns out that she has been absent for just under 2 years's the good news...she is still getting calls from her old ads. That and word of mouth have kept her busy. But things are beginning to slow to build up her business for the upcoming spring, she plans to jump in. Good story don't you think? The Kid's Directory, like the Energizer Bunny, just keeps on going.

New Digs

We've moved offices...not far, mind you...just down the hallway. But our new home is just way better; lots of natural light, a much larger and more open paint, new floors, new phones and new furniture (well some new furniture). We are going to have an open house welcome party for all our advertisers, friends and neighbors sometime in November. We will keep you posted.stork

The Stork Is About To Land...Again

This will be the 4th new baby born of the KD family within the past 6 years.  Beth,  is due in March with her first brand spanking new baby. And if my son would just get busy, we might even be able to offer a grandchild to the mix soon.

Something Seasoned and Something Brand New

It is the Holiday Gift and Activity Guide (HGAG) time of year again. So, for 2 months we will have this special section in each of the 90,000 or so publications. In that we typically do not have lots of retail advertisers in the KD, we look to encourage those who promote enrichment programs, afterschool activities, and fun destination points for kids and their families to push their products HGAGjust like a retail store might. A dance store (like our advertiser Dance Trends) should promote their dancing gear for Christmas but the folks offering dance classes (like our advertiser West University Dance) might give a thought to promoting dance classes as a stocking stuffer. You get the idea. There is the ninja kung fu transformer robot toy that Liam is begging for from Santa, but there are also the Karate classes the Liam can find in his stocking (which just might improve his school performance)...and so on.

And to help promote the marketability of our advertisers as Christmas present notions, the KD has created the Elf's Short List as a web only promotional piece. Any advertiser who wants in on selling their product through a gift certificate as stocking stuffers or those who we think should consider the notion will be promoted as a separate destination on our web site. It's an easy thing to do and well worth the effort! Call us and we will give you the details.

This Month's Quoteboats

"A rising tide floats all boats"...
'though more slowly for those carrying a heavy load.'

While our nation's economy seems to be recovering and growing (despite the preschool antics of Washington) and while Houston is fairing so much better than the rest of the country, we all need  to remember those smaller boats all around us laden with oh so many burdens that are rising more slowly with the tide. As we can, let us reach out and across to our
brethren and offer to share some of their load.


Happy Holidays to all of you!





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