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September 2015 E-Blast


late to schoolThis short message is directed towards those businesses who have vacancies to fill for the upcoming school year: Not all your grade levels are at capacity...just yet; your waiting list is a bit light; you might need more sign-ups for your soccer program or your fall art classes aren't what they were last year. You may be at a point where you want to grow into the next level and hire that extra piano teacher for your music school or that extra tutor. Then there are all those field trip destination places that have holes in their fall scheduling; a few parties booked in August but September and October are looking pretty sparse. You are the businesses that I know we can help.

The Fall is a very critical time for most businesses catering to the needs of our kids. Schools, enrichment programs, sports programs, educational assistance professionals and so much more are decided upon in the month of September. And once families make those commitments, they are likely to stay in place at least until the end of the year. So for businesses looking to grow, now is the time to gather as many new students as possible. It could be said that September is the single most important issue that we publish each year. For this is the month that we perform our Special Distribution Magic where we place a Kid's Directory in the hands of every single senior school administrator in our distribution system.

fall leavesThis is huge. Roughly 30% of our distribution of around 90,000 publications go to both public and private schools throughout the greater Houston area. That percent distills down to around 900 schools and daycares. This is the kind of access that we offer at The Kid's Directory. No other advertising medium offers this degree of focus.

And remember that it is more often than not the school Principal or Director who decides on Field Trips, directs parents to appropriate tutorial programs, and recommends different enrichment after school programs. It has been our experience that these same senior administrators keep that copy of the September edition of the Kid's Directory in their desk for future reference. All said, September packs one heck of a wallop!

Deadline for the September edition will be August 14th...but earlier is always better. We are already getting busy with ad development.

short takes symbol

One More Thing
Starting in August, we will be offering some additional ad size options. Our traditional Short Takes section will have the standard ad increased slightly in size. In addition we will also be offering a "double stack" size in September. Color options will be expanded to include 4 color. Call one of our sales reps for more information.

Now for the Freebies
The moment you all LOVE and we love sharing! Check out The Galveston Heritage Festival. A brand new event The KD is sponsoring. One day only -- next Saturday! We have other select tickets and passes waiting for you as well. As always, first come first served. Advertisers and soon to become advertisers are given priority treatment. In order to take advantage you have to give us a call!

  • The Galveston Heritage Festival: August 15
  • Improv Family Comedy and Magic Show: Check website for performance dates.
  • Schlitterbahn: Galveston
  • Moody Gardens: SpongeBob SubPants Exhibit, Speed Exhibit, and Palm Beach Water Park



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