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September eblast


A Note from the Publisher
Hope you are doing easy trick in these times of continued uncertainty. In the midst of vacillating economic forecasts and worldwide political flux, it's tough to know what to do next. Yet we here at The Kid's Directory remain confident and have come to increasing believe that judicious and cautious steps forward towards a better future beats the heck out of standing still or looking behind ourselves in search of cover. The operative words here are judgment and caution.

Find out what we can do for your business. Call on our to us. We stand ready to help you find a productive path forward. After all, it's what we've been doing and doing it rather well for over 21 years.

What follows are some of the things we've recently put together to help you with the growth of your business into the fall.

Warm regards,

Robert Spott

Upcoming Special Promotion

Ongoing Special Pricing Programs

In the spring of 2009, The Kid's Directory implemented "Our Own Little Economic Stimulus Program". It's really a very simple offering but it has been very helpful to a lot of folks over these past two years. And so long as our economy continues to stumble, we will continue to stay the course.

Color upgrade:
We will upgrade the color in your ad at no additional charge. This can
represent a savings of somewhere in the range of $55 to $360 per month.

Reduced Hot Link:
Our direct link from our website to yours through our on-line viewable
publications is now $10 a month (It was $20). Our traffic hovers around 30,000 hits a for that degree of additional exposure, $10 a month sounds pretty good!

Free participation in our KD Buck Program:
The Kid's Directory has had a coupon page on its website for couple of years now. It too is a simple thing but it gives our advertisers the ability to develop different offers and change them up on a weekly basis. It does demand your attentiveness, however, to be an effective tool.

The Holiday Gift and Activity Guide

We run this special section in the months of November and December...the holiday season. For our retail advertisers, it's an opportunity to generate more business during their most important time of year. For businesses offering holiday camps and various activities, this section offers a tremendous opportunity to get in front of Houston families eager to keep their kids occupied and happy during the holidays. Vacation specialist should also take advantage of this special section. Schools, who look to capture more students after the first of the year should also give the Holiday Gift and Activity Guide a nod. And though it seems really early for resident camp programs...this is time of year that you need to begin marketing to the hundreds of thousands Houston families with camper age kids. And the list goes on. Call us and we can help formulate your own plan for new business to close out 2011 or begin 2012.

Fall Events and Activities:
An Invitation to Come Out and Play

This is a list of upcoming events that we typically sponsor. The list is likely to change and expand so keep a lookout on our website for updates.

10th Annual B.I.R.T.H. Fair - Oct 1
Although small, this is a great event for expectant moms and any of our advertisers that look to market to them.

11am to 4pm
United Way Center, 50 Waugh Drive or call (832)499-6029

The 37th Annual Texas Renaissance Festival
- Oct. 8 - Nov. 27
This is a fun outing for the whole family. The Texas Renassance Fesival is located 50 miles northwest of Houston on more than 50 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds between Magnolia and Plantersville.

31st Annual Nutcracker Market - Nov. 10 -13
This is a great event for the discerning shopper...get an early jump on Christmas this year at Reliant Center.

16th Annual Woodland's Children's Festival - November 12-13
This has always been a tremendous family event with the demographics heavily favoring folks who live in the Woodlands. The attendance is usually around 5000 people.

As always, The Kid's Directory has some free tickets on hand. The offerings and supply contact us to see what we currently have. Our policy is to give these tickets out to our advertisers first...and we limit each request to a maximum of 4 tickets to one event.

This is what we have now:
• Texas Renaissance Festival
• Schlitterbahn Galveston Winter Indoor Park
• Houston Ballet's 'Nutcracker Market'

Robert Spott - Publisher

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