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August & September 2016 E-Blast
The Most Important Marketing Months of the Year
for Most of Our Advertisers


Coincidentally, it is also one of the most productive times of the year for The Kid's Directory.

First...The Subtext:
For our family of advertisers, the late summer months (August through mid-September) are the most critical time of the year for their businesses. School enrollment becomes set, school clothes are being bought, after-school activities planning is underway, sport teams and/or enrichment programs are gathering their students for the fall, and kids are being shepherded off to their doctors and dentists in preparation for school. Hard to believe, but winter and holiday family plans will also be contemplated as summer turns to fall. Truth is, these next few months are going to set the tone for the rest of 2016 and much of 2017.

One more thought as a backdrop to this discussion. Distribution is everything. No product, service, idea, or gift has any real value unless it is distributed or delivered to its intended audience. This is a critical notion that is often overlooked by all of us. It's sort of the same esoteric question that was often posed in my college days now decades ago: 'If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, did it make a sound?'

So what does the KD have up its sleeve? Well, much of the same but with some new features and some new twists.

Back to School Guide

The Back to School Guide (BTS)
This special section will collect all in one place, all those businesses described short, any business that wants to participate in the flurry of commerce surrounding the whole back to school phenomenon. The BTS special section will also run through September. You can view previous August and September editions on our website ( to get a sense as to how your business might fit in.

The After School Gang (ASG)
...with a new twist
The After School Gang
As part of the Back to School Guide, we are now featuring our expanded advertising section called the After School Gang: a collection of advertisers who offer all types and sorts of programs that keep our kids busy after school. The new twist is that we are now constructing the ASG as a special advertising section in each of our 3 publications at a very economical price point. The ad space is relatively small, allowing for maybe 5 lines of copy. The ASG page will be graphically bright and attractive and will be placed within the pages of the Back to School Guide.

This is a great notion for folks with fun and engaging programs and lots of love for our kids but are struggling with limited budgets. The cost, including a web hotlink, would be $55 per month per publication.

The Field Trip Guide (FTG)Field Trip Guide
This is a special section that houses advertisers who offer venues appropriate for a school, scouting troop, church, or family outing. Some of our advertisers who have been included in this section over the years include the Arboretum, museums of all sorts, pumpkin patches, Christmas tree farms, manufacturing operations, theatre events and programs, ranches and an array of indoor and outdoor activity destinations. Remember the KD is held on to forever by lots of moms, dads, churches and school administrators so this section will have a lasting effect for all of you who choose to be included. Don't miss what we have just will keep your program in front of school administrators all year long!

Special Delivery Special (SDS)Special Delivery Special in September

The SDS is the thing that wraps all this exciting stuff together in a nice little package...with lots of bows and confetti. So, beyond our already extensive distribution system (with over 5500 points of distribution), the KD does something rather extraordinary; our Special Delivery Special. Each September we hand address and hand deliver a Kid's Directory to every senior school administrator in our distribution system: That's in excess of 1000 public and private schools. Remember these are the same senior school administrators who decide on which field trips will be undertaken and advise and direct parents on what enrichment programs will best suit their kids...for the rest of the school year. Now go back to what was said at the very beginning..."distribution is everything"...well?

Gotta say that this is no easy trick for The KD. Months in advance, we have to update all our files to make sure that we have the current information on each school. But we do it because it has been so wonderfully effective for our advertisers. So we do it just this one time each year!
Don't you dare miss out on this opportunity!

The Last Bit...Special Promotions, Contests and Freebies
Be sure to speak to with your sales rep about a contest we are running through August for season passes to Schlitterbahn. When you call, be sure to ask them about the promotion that we're looking to run over the next three months. And don't forget to ask about our 'freebies'; lots and lots of free tickets and passes for activities and events all over Houston are always available for our advertisers and soon to be advertisers.




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