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August 2014 E-Blast

September: A Time to Remember


hand deliveryThe Special DELIVERY Special

That time of year is upon us again. September is the one month each year where we HAND ADDRESS and HAND DELIVER a Kid's Directory to every senior school administrator within our distribution system. Our kids are starting back to school in late August and parents and teachers alike are scrambling to find engaging and enriching after school activities, programs and field trips to help our kids become healthier, smarter and more curious human beings. And who do we all turn to (besides the Kid's Directory, of course)? Well, school directors and principals and teachers...that's who. So, just this one month, the Kid's Directory gives all these folks their own copy of the KD (also known as 'the answer'). And wouldn't all of you like all these folks to become familiar with what your company is offering up?

Now the numbers: Roughly eighteen percent of our circulation goes into both public and private schools. That computes to around 17,000 Kid's Directories delivered to about 450 different schools each month. So that in September, we also deliver a personalized KD to the senior administrators in each of these schools. Just in September...and just once a year.

So, if you don't advertise in the upcoming September edition of the KD, you are going to miss out on a very great opportunity that only comes around just this one time.

September: The Last of the Back to School (BTS) and
Field Trip Guide (FTG) Special Sections
field trip guide 2014

This is a crucial period for all of you who market to this time of year. Parents and their kids are deciding on school programs as well as after school activities for the fall. Schools, church groups, scouting programs and a host of others too are looking to plan field trips and excursions as well.

Advertising in the KD will get you in front of potential customers both in print and online. For in addition to your advertisement, the KD will create its own ad placed in all of our editions that list you as someone offering after school programs. Too, we will promote this list of advertisers on our website through the homepage and on its own dedicated page called The After School Gang.

And we will do much the same thing for all of our school advertisers who want to promote their 'Open Houses'. Just let us know and we will list your open house(s) on our website (

Remember that you can be part of the upcoming events

Over the next 3 months, the Kid's Directory is sponsoring a bunch of exciting family events. A complete listing of the scheduled events can be found on our website ( If you wish to participate, there are sign-up sheets on our site. These events will give you a chance to interface with a host of potential customers, hand out the KD along with your own promotional material, and maybe have a little bit of fun. Give the office a call with any questions.

For all of our advertisers, it is important to remember that we overprint our publications to handle the increased demand of these events. It just means that for the months of August, October and November, all of our advertisers get increased circulation for their advertising dollar.

NOW, The Freebies

In our coffers just now, we have tickets to Schlitterbahn (Galveston and South Padre), Improv Magic and Comedy Show, and Renaissance Festival. Advertisers of course get first dibs but advertisers on their way into our family should also give us a call.

As always, I want to thank you for your patience in getting through this newsletter and your continued support of this enterprise called The Kid's Directory.




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