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July 2014 E-Blast

Falling Back Into School
August 2014


Every August and then again in September for the past 20 odd years, the KD has created The Back to School and Field Trip Guide special sections within each of our 100,000 or so publications that are distributed to over 5,500 different locations throughout the Houston area. This is a great opportunity for schools to fill those remaining slots before the school year gets underway. We have a good number of schools that start their advertising push in August as well as a bunch of continuous advertisers who bump up their ad size for these two months to increase their presence in Houston's finest family resource guide.

And then there are all those related business' who look to the Back to School time of year to promote their business for the fall: Consider enrichment programs of all types, after school programs, dentists and pediatricians insuring that our kids are safe & healthy, nannies, transportation services, signups for soccer and football practices, fall art classes of all kinds, tutors and the huge array of educational enrichment programs of all imaginable iterations.

The Field Trip Guide focuses on those business' who cater to schools, scouts troops, church groups or really, any gathering of kids with parental supervision. The key here is educational excursions where we all try and fill our children's brains with wondrous factoids and experiences that we hope will enrich their lives and make them smarter, wiser, and more curious! You business' all know who you are. Well, you just need to come and join the KD.


Part and parcel with the special sections in the August and September issues is a web and print based supportive promotional program. Every advertiser, in whichever publication(s) they chose, who wish to be included in either the Back to School Guide or The Field Trip Guide will also be promoted within a full page ad entitled The After School Gang that the KD will run in all three publications as well as being prominently featured on The Kid's Directory online home page. Similarly, all schools will be given the opportunity to promote their open houses on the KD website with a prominent tag displayed on our home page.

Now remember that our website has around 30,000 click throughs each month. So this promotional exposure does amount to something of value. But best yet, this promotional program doesn't cost our advertisers anything at all.

special distributionAND HERE'S THE KICKER

Just one time a year do we do this very special thing that we call...well...our Special Distribution. As a monthly procedure, the KD delivers about 25% of its distribution to both private and public schools (I would not hesitate to say that no other family publication has the degree of penetration within Houston school as the KD has). But in September, just September, we also hand address and hand deliver a Kid's Directory to every senior school administrator within our distribution system. So while our publications are there for the parents to pick up and the teachers to use...just in September, the principals, school directors and owners get their own copy to keep on their desks. Remember that these are the folks who decide on field trips, direct the teachers on educational excursions and advise parents on programs for their children. This is no easy task. That's why we do it just this once!


As you all know now, The Kid's Directory is increasing its pricing in August 2014. This will be our first price increase in 6 years. And as most of you also know, we have a policy that rewards our advertisers who are and have been part of our family for a good while. In other words, the KD honors those folks who have brung us. Advertisers who have not been in our publications in over a year or who are just now joining The Kid's Directory will experience our new pricing in August. Our current or long time advertisers will receive a milder price nudge in September.

So here's the moral of the story: if you've not been an advertiser for a while, it would be smart to come back in August so that we can be a bit gentler with your price nudge in September.

The other moral: If any of our advertisers prepay for 6 months or longer and the pre-pay is done before August 2014, then the 5% discount that we offer would be calculated based on the pre-price increase pricing. That could mean a savings of 12% to 15% over your standard advertising costs. Now that's a darn sight better than the stock market did for a lot of folks last year and it sure as heck beats out a bank's savings account interest of 1/2 of 1%. Just a thought and a good one at that!


Normally, we at the KD and our advertisers are busy little bees in the spring with bunches of events and activities. But this fall is shaping up to be almost as busy. So there are going to be lots of opportunities for our advertisers to participate with us at these events. And of course, we will once again be Overprinting The Kid's Directories...LIKE CRAZY. It's just more circulation for your advertising dollar! Here is a paritial list of the events that we have lined up. Feel free to give us a call for information or visit our website to sign up to participate.

Tummy Fit Mommie and Me Event (August 9th)
NRG Center (Reliant Center)

This is a new event that is directed to families going through a pregnancy and birth. The focus is on physical fitness. Dads will also be included. Attendance is anticipated to be around 2000 folks. We are promoting and sponsoring this event and will have a booth there as well.

Birth Fair (October 4th)
United Way agency on Waugh

This event is now in its 14th year. We have been avid supporters and sponsors of it since its inception. This is not a traditional trade fair. The emphasis here is on natural child birth with lots of participation by doulas, nannies, birthing centers and an array of products for the new moms. It is the only event of its kind in Houston. Crowds run around 1200. We will have a limited presence there due to its relatively small size.

Texas Baby and Kidz Expo (October 4th)
NRG Center (Reliant Center)

This is a new event to Houston though the event itself has been around in different parts of the country for 10 years. By all accounts, these folks do a really good job. As their name indicated they really have developed the event to serve both babies and kids. We do need a good sized trade show event for Houston families and we sincerely hope that these guys can fill the ticket. They expect attendance to exceed 10,000. A portion of their proceeds will benefit Kid's Meals, a local charity. We will have our booth there and our advertisers are welcome to join us.

Toys Party USA (November 15th)
Legends Sports Complex in The Woodlands

This is a relatively new event. Started last year as an offering to the thousands and thousands of 'foster kids' in the Houston area who typically have a scant and emotionally difficult Christmas, the event was a huge success. The thoughtful generosity of the concept captured the imagination of KPRC, Channel 13, Fox 26, radio stations as well as the people at Babies R Us, Toys R Us, Gymboree and bunches of others. This year the event promises to gather even more attention and attendee. The Kid's Directory will sponsor the event and have a booth there as well. We are truly excited about this ONE!.

The Children's Festival of The Woodlands (November 8th & 9th)
The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

This event has been around for a number of years and caters to the residents of The Woodlands. It has traditionally been a well-attended and well-orchestrated event. We are looking into whether we will be in attendance or not. We will keep you posted.

NOW, the freebies

In our coffers just now, we have tickets to Schlitterbahn (all three locations), Improv Magic and Comedy Show, and Moody Gardens. Advertisers of course get first dibs but advertisers on their way into our family should also give us a call.

As always, I want to thank you for your patience in getting through this newsletter and your continued support of this enterprise called The Kid's Directory.



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