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July 2013 E-Blast

This is going to be one heck of a year.flag fireworks

By most all accounts, the last half of 2013 and all of 2014 is slated to bring America back to a point of stability that we have not seen since 2005. Texas, with one of the nation's strongest economies, will continue to lead the country in job creation and economic growth. Good news for all of us who survived these last 5 years of uncertainty!!

The Kid's Directory has lots of changes planned for this period as well. We will be reconfiguring our distribution strategy to better conform to Houston's changing demographics. We will be adding another publication to our family. We will be adjusting our pricing to better reflect our current costs of production. And we will be offering a little bit of a different look to our publications in the upcoming months.

We've been in the business of informing and serving Houston Families for some 24 years now, and like Houston and its people, we too are evolving and just getting better. Periodic newsletters and email blasts will keep all of you informed as to what's what...but for now, let's get to the business at hand.


So What's the KD have up its sleeve
for August and September?
special sections

First, there are the Special Sections.

The Back to School Guide will house all our advertisers who are marketing their school or their products and/or their services to families heading back to school in late August and early September. Think educational enrichment, after school programs, dance, art, soccer, gymnastics, tutoring, etc. All of you folks in this category, in addition to having your own section in the publication(s) of your choice, will also receive good bits of additional support from the KD. We will offer a full page ad in all three of our publications entitled the After School Gang that will advertise each and every one of you that offer after school care for our kids. We will also prominently feature the Back to School Guide special section and the After School Gang up on our website. And finally, we will help promote and advertise all of your various open houses on our calendar. All of this additional promotion and advertising exposure is all on our doesn't cost our advertisers a penny!

The Field Trip Guide will also run in August and September. This section is designed for our advertisers who look to offer themselves as a destination point for public and private schools, church groups, scouting programs or home schools, etc. who look to plan a field trip or group activity. This will put all of our advertisers in one place where they can be easily found. And as is our custom, The Kid's Directory will support and promote this special section up on our web site as well.

Then there is the "coup de grace": The Kid's Directory's September Special Distribution Program.

special delivery

We all know the secret to your advertising success rests simply on the quality of the distribution system for your ad. You could produce a million flyers, we could distribute hundreds of thousands of The Kid's Directories, you could spend thousands of dollars a month in a television ad campaign or on billboards...but unless your message is put in front of your audience, your potential customers, it all really doesn't amount to a hill of beans.

For us, distribution is the soul of our success. Not just the number of books distributed (which hovers around 95,000+), but more importantly, our success is determined by the places where we put the Kid's Directories. Each distribution point (there are some 5,500 of them at last count) is well considered and constantly reviewed. Compared to any other publication in Houston, we simply are much more thorough about this process. But for one month each year, we really up the ante.

September is the month that all our kids are settling back into the school routine. Parents, teachers and school administrators are frantically trying to figure out schedules and ways to entertain and educate our kids. So, the KD offers up something quite special. In addition to our standard distribution (30% of which do get delivered to public and private schools), The Kid's Directory will hand address and hand deliver a Kid's Directory to every school administrator in our system. This is a very unique thing that we we do it only once a year. You shouldn't miss out on this opportunity...really!


Currently we have tickets for:
Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus: Dragons (July 11-28)
- Moody Garden Pyramids Family 4 Packs
- The Texas Renaissance Festival (in October and November)
- The Improv Family Magic & Comedy Theatre (shows every other Saturday afternoon)
- Schlitterbahn: Galveston, S. Padre or New Braunfels

Remember quantities are limited so we will limit how many we can give any one family or group. Further, we try and make sure that our advertisers...or prospective advertisers get first dibs. Call us and we'll do our best to take care of you.

Thank you all for your continued patronage!







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