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July 2012 E-Blast

What's up?
New special sections...that's what’s up...along with a slick distribution program, and new online promotions for "The After School Gang". We also have some freebies for our advertisers and those who are looking to join our family.

And then there is the revamping of our distribution. All of our distribution is now set up on GPS via new software that we have in house. From this point forward, we have the ability to monitor our entire distribution effort each month on a computerThe Afterschool Gang screen. What's slick for all of us is that we can now adjust, add or modify our whole distribution system by simply dragging and clicking a mouse. So if any of you would like to receive Kid's Directories at your place of business, just contact us and we will let loose the mice. Of course you can also talk to any of our wonderful distributors and they too can let us know.

"The After School Gang"
Given we have a bunch of advertisers who offer after school drama classes, dance, swimming, art classes, sports leagues and oh so many more, we decided that all of you deserve a kind of special section or mention. Beginning in August, we will include a new page on our website entitled "The After School Gang". All of our current advertisers offering after school well as those of you with an after school enrichment program jumping into the KD for the Back to School section in August and September will be included. You all will then be highlighted and listed on a special page on our website and promoted in each of our publications as part of "The After School Gang". This whole program is patterned after the successful "Kamp Kids" program that we've run for the past few years. The program will assist parents and caretakers locate after school programs for their kids at a glance!

Upcoming Special SectionsBack to School and Field Trip Guide special sections in The Kid's Directory
In August and September we will continue to run the Back to School (BTS) section. All educational programs looking to increase their student population are encouraged to look to The Kid's Directory and the BTS section for help. If any of you doubt our ability to bring you new students, you need only look at our portfolio of schools, many who have been with the KD for well in excess of 15 years. As a companion to the BTS section, we will also be running a special page on our website that will list all of our advertiser's open houses. Don't forget to let us know so that you too can be included.

Additionally, in August and September, we will run another special section entitled "The Field Trip Guide" (FTG). This is a boon for all those folks who offer field trip activities for kids during the school year. Remember that not only schools are looking for field trips but so too are Parent Teacher Organizations, church and scout troops amongst other groups. Contact us if you want to be included.

A Once a Year Slick Distribution Special
In the month of September we go to extraordinary lengths to put all of our advertisers in front of the decision makers at each of the schools we distribute to. We will hand address and hand deliver a Kid's Directory to every school administrator within our distribution system. With a circulation of just about 100,000 books with 30% going into a school environment, this September hand delivery is really a big deal...something that you don't want to miss.

One of the best things about all of the above is that all these 'specials' are free...they don't even cost a nickel!!

And now for the freebieswaterslide fun
The circus has come and the only thing we have on the horizon now are Schlitterbahn tickets to all three of their venues in Texas (Galveston, New Braunfels and Padre Island). It's the perfect solution to our summer heat!! Remember that our advertisers get the first crack at our freebies...and we ask that you limit your request to 4 tickets.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!!






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