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May 2014 E-Blast

The verdict is in:oldnewcover

We done good! Lots and lots of comments on our Facebook page and everyone loved the new look of our covers in the March edition. So it went for the modification of our logo. While we have had the new logo in place for about three years, March was the first month that we actually used it on our covers.

As far as our new distribution grid, the reviews are a bit more mixed. Some advertisers who marketed into two different Kid's Directories now only have to advertise in one. Others have seen their circulation numbers increase substantially for the same cost that they have always paid. A few others, say around 5, found themselves in a dilemma. They have locations that are now both in the West, Southwest and the Central books. So for three months, we've given them exposure in both books all the while asking them to track where their customers were coming from. Some are now opting to advertise in both books at a discount or they have selected the market that best serves their needs. None of them are unhappy...because the circulation numbers are the same as they have always been. It's just that now, distribution is much more concentrated and focused.

How are you doing?
Remember that June is the last issue that will contain the special section that has become the
for Houston families: The Spring and Summer Activity Guide. So, if your summer offerings are full, we offer up hearty Congratulations! If that is not the case, then we are going to suggest that you give us a call. We really can help. Just ask our advertisers. They'll tell you.

Some Important Information on What's Coming

The June Issue...going forward...the end of an era...
the beginning of a new one.

Big discounts on 4 color pricing will be implemented in June. Here's why: While our general printing costs have markedly increased over the past 4 or 5 years, the color costs, as a component of our printing costs, have actually been steadily decreasing. It has always been our practice to fairly reflect our production costs in our advertising rates. So starting in June, our 4 color pricing will be reduced by an average of about 60%. Two color costs will also be dropped by a little less than 30%. Call us for details.

The other side of the coin is that Our Own Little Economic Stimulus Program that we implemented in mid 2008 as a response to the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of 1929...will come to an end. So there will be no more free color upgrades starting with the June issue for new advertisers and commencing in July for existing advertisers. For some of you who choose to maintain the 'free color upgrade' that you've been given in the past, you're just going to have to pay a bit more for the privilege. Most of our advertisers however, won't see any change in their advertising costs. Again, give us a call for details.

The New Coin

In August, we will finally implement a general price increase...our first in over 6 years. New advertisers will be affected in August while existing advertisers will receive their increase with the September edition. The economy has finally forced our hand. Rents, printing, distribution, and payroll all have had a hand in this. The increase will be modest and has always been our practice, the price increase will much more gentle to our current advertising base. I have always believed that you need to protect those who have carried you to your growth and success.

The moral of this story is this:
If you are not an advertiser now, you should become one! If you do, you will get the advantage of the upcoming color discount and by becoming part of the family you will experience a much more gentle price increase when it becomes effective with the September edition.

If you are a current advertiser, look to enjoy the savings of the new 4 color costs and the reduced 2 color costs starting in July and then relax when the price increase rolls around in September. You will hardly notice the price bump. The only bit of sad news is that the disappearance of 'the free color upgrade' may offer up a bit of a conundrum for some of you.

If you decide to stay on the fence for now, just know that you will miss a great opportunity. You also need to know that the KD understands that all that any of us can do is what we can do. So we will stay close and help you find the best deal when you do decide to join our advertising family.

One More Enticement...A summer vacation contestvacation

We have a few 3 day 2 night vacation packages available at the Victorian Condo Hotel Resort in Galveston that we need to give away in June and July. They are 1 Bedroom Condo Suites that sleep from 2 to 6 people. My family has stayed in them before. They're nice.

Here's how it's going to work: We will offer these special prizes to new advertisers and existing advertisers who run either a full color 2/3rd or full page ad in either the June or July edition of The Kid's Directory. We will have a drawing in June and July and announce the winners. The condo units will be available until March of 2015 so there will be plenty of time to utilize this little getaway. We will ask those qualifying new advertisers if they want to be part of the contest. After all, we do want to make sure that the tickets are used. Again, call for details.

Whew!...Finally we now get to the freebies

We have tickets to:
- Moody Gardens, the Pyramids and the Real Pirate's Exhibit (these must be used by May 31st)
- Schlitterbahn Water Parks in Galveston, South Padre and New Braunsfels
- Improv Magic and Comedy Theatre
- Galveston Home Tour (First 2 weekends in May)

As is our tradition, advertisers are given first priority but there are generally enough such that we can offer up a few on our Facebook page as well.

In closing I want to thank all of you for your continued business and support. This June will mark the start of our 25th year of operation. Imagine, a quarter of a century! Who woulda thunk that we could keep so many people so happy for so many years!



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