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KD E-Blast March 2011


THE BIG BANG FOR YOUR BUCK TIME OF YEARbig bank time of the year

it’s everybody’s favorite time of year! The COLD is gone.
The warm sun has reappeared. Trees are budding out, and the flowers are just beginning to start their spring show. Now, it's time for all of us to go skipping and dancing into the wonderful Houston outdoors.

Another reason why this is everybody's favorite time of the that this is the time of year when all our advertisers get the Big Bang for their Buck. We will be overprinting our publications like crazy to accommodate the big jump in demand that all the spring events ask of us. We will be in attendance at most of the events listed below, handing out Kid’s Directories along with promotional materials from many of our advertisers. Don’t forget, that all of our advertisers are invited to participate in any of the events that we are attending. There are gobs of possibilities for the KD, Houston’s families and our advertisers. Here’s a partial list of the upcoming events. Remember that our event schedule is changing all the to keep track of what’s what...visit our website at


March 5th
Campbell Elementary PTA “Memorial Hermann Bunny Hop, Run or Walk”

Time: 8am – 11am

This is an annual event that sponsors the Campbell Elementary School P.T.A. They expect about 1200 families. Kid's Directories will be handed out to all the participants.

April 2nd
The Grand Kids Festival

Time: Saturday 10am to 5pm

This event is presented by The Grand 1894 Opera House in historic downtown Galveston. This is a family fun event with six entertainment areas, petting zoos, and 40 to 50 different activity booths.

April 9th and 10th
Houston’s Children’s Festival

Time: 10:30 to 6:30 pm

Now in its 23rd year, this continues to be Houston’s best family event. Held in downtown Houston around City Hall, this event draws families from all over Houston and the surrounding areas. Crowds are expected to well exceed 50,000. The Kid’s Directory, as a major sponsor for over 20 years, will have its own area called the KD Family Fun Zone. Our stage will have a continuous array of entertainment from salsa dancers, to acrobats, magicians, karate exhibitions, to hula dancers, cooking classes, music, maybe even a one man band, theatrical performances, and the famous Texas Snake man. At our booth area we will have a tattoo parlor, arts and crafts, a face painter, a toss game and a bunch of volunteers handing out KD goodie bags with Kid’s Directories along with promotional pieces provided by our advertisers. This is one event that none of you should miss!!

Any advertiser that wishes to participate either on stage or help hand out materials and work with the kids and families at our booths are encourage to contact us as soon as possible. You can call us or simply go to our website ( to sign up. We need all those who want to work the stage to get in touch with us before March 10th. We will need booth volunteers to contact us by March 29th.

We promise that all of you will have a wonderful time!

April 24th
San Jacinto Day Festival and Battle Re-enactment

Time: 10 am to 6pm

The Festival is a full day of music, entertainment, food, games and fun set amidst living history. Expected attendance is about 30,000 people.

April 27th –May 1st
The Arabia Shrine Circus

Time: see website for times

This annual event benefits the Shriner’s organization which in turn supports a number of community organizations, the most famous of which is the Shriner’s Hospital.

April 30th, May 1st, May 7th, and May 8th
Houston International Festival-Kid Zone

Times: Saturday 12pm-10pm; Sunday 12pm-8pm

The theme this year is The Silk Road...the travels of Marco Polo through China, Turkey and India. While overall numbers for the event are huge (in excess of 250,000), traffic to the Kid Zone is expected to be only about 20,000.

May 20th – May 22nd
Pasadena Strawberry Festival

Times: May 20th 3pm-12 midnight; May 21st 10am-12 midnight; May 22nd 10am-7pm

This event celebrates Pasadena’s heritage as a major producer of strawberries. Started in 1974, this family event now gathers about 50,000 people each year. There are lots of fun activities including jugglers, helicopter rides, pig racing and gators galore.


This is truly a wonderful time of year for all of us. Houston families will be presented with scads of activities for the whole family...our advertisers will be given the opportunity to get up close and personal with bunches of potential customers (if they choose to attend these events with the staff of the KD) as well as benefit from an increased circulation at no additional cost and the KD will enjoy the opportunity of getting more advertisers into our publications. It’s a Win, Win, Win deal. So Don’t Miss us so you too can be included!!


The Kid’s Directory is pleased to announce our new partnership with YouData. YouData is a young Houston native company that is turning the digital marketing world on its head. We like them because their business model is not unlike that of The Kid’s Directory. For 21 years now, Moms and Dads have picked up The Kid’s Directories, put them in their purse or briefcase and taken them home. In short, we are invited into our reader’s homes and into the lives of their families. The key word here is ‘invited’. I think that this, more than any other factor, defines the reason for our tremendous success over these past 21 years.

YouData does essentially the same thing. An advertiser (this could be your business) defines the customer that he or she wants to reach or engage with; where they live, their income range, number of children, a wide or narrow variety of preferences, leisure activities, etc. The demographics can be as broad or as refined as the advertiser wants. YouData then researches their ‘me files’ and finds those customers who fit the demographical constraints stipulated by the advertiser...and delivers the advertiser’s message directly to those targeted individuals. The advertising ‘engagement’ that follows is a ‘one on one’ affair. What’s important to see here is that the advertiser’s message is invited by the potential customer onto his or her computer screen. Pretty cool!

Another important fact. The YouData advertising program can be custom tailored to a specified budget, limited to maybe only one or two engagements per targeted customer, or spread over a time period specified by the advertiser. The YouData ad program can also be turned on or off at will. What you get as an advertiser is ultimate control.


Kamp KidsThe best free cross-promotional program ever will be continued for another 4 months. Every advertiser that is offering a summer program will be featured in a KD ad that lists all the Summer Programs that are offered through The Kid's Directory. This ad will be placed in every Kid’s Directory (so even if you are paying for an ad in the central area of Houston, your summer program will be listed in all 100,000 Kid’s Directories that are distributed throughout the city). There’s more, Kamp Kids now enjoys prominence on our website’s homepage. So in addition to an advertisers placement in the Kamp Kids ad, advertisers who offer a summer program will also be featured on our home page (no small thing...given our traffic). So, for the next four chartmonths all advertisers who are offering a summer program will receive a bunch of free exposure from The Kid’s Directory which in turn will push more and more traffic to their websites.

Our own little Economic Stimulus Program…will continue into the forseeable future. The Kid’s Directory will offer a free color upgrade to new advertisers as long as we see that this program is needed by all of us trying to keep our business’ alive and growing.


The Kid’s Directory has or will soon have some tickets and passes to some local events and family entertainment facilities. As has always been the case, we try and hold out these tickets for our current advertisers...although we can be persuaded to let go of a few to those folks who are about to take the plunge. There is a limit of 4 tickets per request. Here’s what we have now:

  • Tickets to the Houston Aeros
  • Schlitterbahn (all three locations)
  • Galveston’s Historical Tour
  • Arabia Shrine Circus
  • Moody Gardens

There are a number of other events that we will receive tickets for. We, of course, will post them on our keep a lookout.


As always I extend to all of our readers, advertisers and friends my thanks for your continued support. In a world becoming ever so much more complex, it is good to be in the company of people you trust and care for.



Robert Spott - Publisher
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