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February 2014 E-Blast

starting off on the right foot

Let's Start with Distribution

The heart of The Kid's Directory and the main reason for its continued success over these now 23 years has always been its distribution. When I started the company in 1991, every time I secured a new advertiser, I would set up distribution points around their business. And then during every distribution monthly cycle, I would expand our distribution yet again. If each advertiser could be likened as a 'precious egg', then the effort to feather and surround each egg with the safety of a nest can be seen as our distribution system. So it has gone for over 23 years. A distribution that started with some 250 points of distribution has grown to over 5,500 points. While initially, there was just one distributor (that was me), we now employ a team of some 25 folks.

Over the years, we have also refined our distribution philosophy so that we've now rendered it to a science or an art form. You will not find a more targeted distribution system in the city of Houston. We are where our advertisers want us to be!

We've also seen Houston change dramatically in the last quarter century. Communities have sprouted up and grown into their own. Katy, once an outpost to Houston, is now its own sophisticated urban center. Sugar Land is much the same story. Tomball is rapidly coming into its own as well. So for the past 3 years, The Kid's Directory has been planning what we are about to do.

Announcing a NEW Kid's Directory and
a Revision of our Distribution Grid

The South book will be reduced in scope and be folded into the central book. The areas south of the Sam Houston Tollway including Pasadena, Pearland, Friendswood, League City, Nassau Bay, Kemah, Webster and Seabrook will now be part of he Central book. This has been welcomed as good news by the advertisers we've spoken to in these communities because the new distribution grid means a greater reach into central Houston and the medical center and a much larger circulation.

Acknowledging the growth and independence of the areas west of the Sam Houston Tollway, we announce the new West Southwest book. The new book will be distributed throughout the Katy area, Sugar Land, and Missouri City. The boundaries will be Hwy 290 to the north, Sealy to the West and Bay City to the Southwest. Circulation numbers will be what they have traditionally been but now all The Kid's Directories will be distributed in the communities that our advertisers are marketing to. This move addresses the concern that many advertisers in Katy of Sugar Land have voiced over recent years: "I'm not sure that my business in Katy benefits from distribution in West University." So now, we hope that we've made everybody happy.

The North book will remain essentially the same surrendering that pie shaped area between Hwy 10 and Hwy 290 which now becomes part of the new West Southwest book. Again, distribution numbers will remain essentially the same as before.

The maps below graphically demonstrate the change.
kd map old and new
View larger map on our site - Click here

We at the KD have been planning this move for well over 3 years. We have significantly expanded and refined our distribution in the West and Southwest areas month by month to provide support for the new publication. So too with the newly defined central and north books. We expect this new move to be a boon for all of our advertisers. We can now say that not only are we the most effective and cost effective publication for the Greater Houston area, but we can also boast that we have more circulation and market specific distribution points than any of our competitors. Remember what I mentioned before...that we have raised distribution to an art form? Well, this is proof positive.

Our New Look

This also has been in the works for the past 4 years. Part of it has been creeping up on all of us now for years. In many of our newsletters and email blasts and on all our signage at all the events we sponsor, we have incorporated kd logo small as our identifying logo. On March 1st, we will now use our logo as the header on the approximate 100,000 publications that we distribute monthly. The Layout of our covers will also be refreshed. Expect a brighter cleaner more modern KD on March 1, 2014.

The New Babya new baby boy

Beth Bullock, our most excellent sales associate, is leaving on maternity leave on February 24th. Her brand spanking new baby, her first, is due on February 25th. This brings the total to 5 babies born to The Kid's Directory Family over these past 23 years. So I guess, that makes me one very proud uncle!

A Brief Recap

Remember that you only have a day or two left to get yourself included in the March edition of the KD As we've told you all now time and again, we will be overprinting the publications like crazy to accommodate all the increased demand. It's more Bang for your Buck and it doesn't cost anyone one nickel. Don't forget that you are invited to comeh and join us at many of these events as well. A partial list of what'hs coming is listed below.

Expected Attendance
  Jesse Jones Park Nature Fest March 1 new
  Houston Children's Festival March 29 & 30 100,000
  Houston Kid's Triathlon April 12 & 13 6000
  San Jacinto Festival April 26 5000
  Strawberry Festival May 16-18 80,000

We look forward to hearing from you with your questions and comments. Remember that the deadline for reserving space for the March publication will be February 13th. . We also still have a fair number of freebies available to our advertisers.



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