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January 2013 E-Blast

As this is written, I don't know if we are in free fall off the fiscal cliff or have found safety in a ledge just below the drop off point but well above the chasm below. Despite the theatre of our national politics, it seems that all indicators are good and promising for the New Year. Unemployment numbers are down, housing starts are up, oil production is booming, and manufacturing is improving. Now if our politicians would quit acting like children and get back to getting back to work for us, then 2013 might just be the best year we've had since 2007. So here is a toast to the promise that all of us deserve...A HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!

big bangBig Bang for Your Buck Time of Year
This is the big kahuna. All of our efforts and activities just get bigger...lots bigger over the next six months:

  • Expanded circulation
  • Sponsorship and participation in lots of events where all of our advertisers are invited to join us as our guests
  • Special sections which include the Spring and Summer Activity Guide and the Early Enrollment Guide that help parents find you more easily
  • A huge free promotional program called Kamp Kids that includes all of our advertisers offering spring and summer programs
  • A free and upgraded promotional listing on our website and in each of our 3 publications

And all of this for the same advertising dollar that you have always spent. We want this to be your best year yet!! Have a look at our website for more information (

Remember the Funnel Effect
As you are marketing into your spring and summer programs and/or looking to bump up your enrollment for the fall, earlier is always better than later. Envision a funnel. In January think of the mouth of the funnel and each month you put off your marketing, think of you sliding down towards the narrow bottom of the funnel. Your greatest number of prospective customers is in January and February. So get started early.

A Heads Up for Some Changes Coming to The Kid’s Directory
In ensuing months, the KD, now in its 23rd year of operation under the same ownership, will be changing up its distribution and its look just a bit. We are currently increasing our distribution into the northwest, west and southwest to better serve the huge growth in these areas.  While our distribution is already substantial, we are just going to make it better. 

In recent months we have completely computerized our distribution system and set up a tracking system so we know where every single one of our 100,000 publications goes each month. So modifying our distribution to better serve our customers is becoming increasingly easy. It's all good news for our advertisers. Be sure to let us know if you would like to become a distribution point for the Kid's Directory.

February is the last month for the Early Enrollment Guide. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to promote your school program and your open houses.

We are sort of limited right now. We do have some Schlitterbahn tickets as well as Houston Aeros tickets (the Aeros tickets are on the glass!). Occasionally, we have some Rockets tickets too. So feel free to call in and ask us what's available. Remember, the tickets are reserved for our advertisers first.






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