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January 2012 E-Blast

It's That Time of Year Again

We are suppose to be in the throes of winter and yet when I checked the thermometer as I pulled into the office read a balmy 75 degrees. This winter of ours sure does feel like the start of spring to me. And for us, spring and summer are a really really busy time of the year. So let's get on with all the exciting stuff that's coming down the pike!

The upcoming spring is a magic time at The Kid's Directory with special sections, lots of cross promotion through our web site and scads of events. We call it The Big Bang for Your Buck time of year.

The Early Enrollment Guide
(The January and February editions)

This section contains schools that are looking to push up their enrollment for the summer and fall. Lots will host open houses which we will promote in our publications and again through our web page ( You can go to our home page and see the link for all the upcoming open houses.

The Spring and Summer Activity Guide
(January through June)

This section is the Gold Standard...a place where Houston families have faithfully gone to for the past 18 years to find out all of what there is to do for their kids: summer resident camps, summer day camps, sports clinics and camps, special language programs, magic camps, horseback riding lessons, swimming lessons, circus performances, water parks, spring and summer performances of all kinds, writing classes, science programs and on and on. For businesses that market to families, The Kid's Directory is simply the place to be!
Again, we will cross promote all of our advertisers up on our web site and in each of the 100,000 books we publish each month. We've created a program called Kamp Kids that lists every entity that is running any kind of summer program. So in addition to one's ad, the KD will run an ad in all of our publications that highlights all the summer programs and will mirror that effort up on our website. Lots of value added!


Spring and Summer Promotional Events
We sponsor about a half dozen family events in the spring and early summer months. Attendance numbers vary from a low of a few thousand to well over 100,000 family members. Typically, our advertisers are invited to participate with us. This just means an avenue to get in front of thousands of potential customers...and your participation doesn't cost you a thing.

To handle the increased demand that these events create, the KD overprints the publications like all of our advertisers get higher circulation numbers...or put another way...more bang for their buck.


A Word of Caution
Families are more likely to start their summer planning in January and February. So if you are an advertiser competing with others for some of that family's disposable income, it is best that you get in front of them early. The longer you delay your marketing push; the fewer uncommitted customers will be available. So start your advertising early.

Don't Forget About Our "Freebies"
All advertisers are welcome to come on buy and pick up free tickets and passes when we have ticketsthem. We expect a bunch of Schliterbahn tickets, a few for the Harlem Globetrotters, The Galveston Historical Home Tour, Monster Jam, and others as they become available. We will also keep postings on all the upcoming events on our web site. Go to our home page and look for links to the Calendar, the Kamp Kids Program, The Open House Schedule, as well as the event tab.


Leslie Crawford, Richard Skinner and Robert Spott





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