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Now in our 23rd year of publication, The Kid's Directory has earned its reputation as Houston's most respected and trusted family publication. Serving all of Houston from Huntsville to the north, beyond Katy in the west, to Bay City in the southwest, Galveston to the south and La Porte to the east through 3 different area based publications, The Kid's Directory offers coverage like no other marketing source. With a monthly circulation of over 100,000 and a distribution network that includes over 5,500 different points of distribution, The Kid's Directory covers its market with an exceptional degree of saturation and finesse.

Our advertisers are amongst the most trusted and well established providers of family services in the Houston area. Schools, enrichment programs of all kinds (academic, language programs, cognitive development, all variety of sports programs, etc.), medical services, birthday party planners, nanny services, and camp programs amongst dozens of other categories can be found within the pages of The Kid's Directories. The breadth of our coverage of all things that relate to the needs of Houston families is without peer.

Each publication is viewable 'click' the cover on the left and explore the many proven resources we offer to Houston families.

Thank you for your visit to our website. Feel free to contact us at anytime with your questions and comments.

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Listing of Open Houses for Schools and Enrichment Programs in 2014


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